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For want of Barbecue, BBQ, Bar-B-Q, Bar-B-Que!

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, October 4, 2013

To be honest with you, I’ve hardly had any barbecue at all this season (which begins in the Spring) – and I’ve certainly not cooked any! I think, more than anything, that’s what I really miss… the cooking!

I’ve written about barbecue, the process and procedure, but not extensively.

Typically, when I order barbecue, I like to sample three sides which have traditionally accompanied barbecue. They are slaw, potato salad, and baked beans.

My choice of meat is pulled pork. I enjoy ribs, of course, but pulled pork is my standard. Although, there are times when a sampling of ribs or brisket are available.

Now, as a ‘purist,’ I do not believe that chicken can be barbecued, neither turkey, nor beef.


No beef.

No poultry.

Only pork.

So there’s my bias.

Of course, I’ve never had “barbecued” goat (though I have eaten goat), nor barbecued anything else (no “barbecued” fish, etc.), so I certainly can’t address any other types of meats. Please understand as well, I am not opposed to eating goat, lamb, or other meats. While they are delicious, it’s just that those other meats are not as common.

That does not necessarily mean that I eschew “barbecued” beef, poultry, or goat, but rather, I mean to imply that they would instead be “barbecue flavored.”

This year, I think I’ve had a Grand Total of SIX barbecue tastings, all at restaurants.

In order of appearance, they are:

1.) Pulled pork sandwich in Greenville, MS (Shotgun House BBQ);
2.) Pulled pork plate in McGehee, AR (Hoot’s BBQ)
3.) Pulled pork plate in Jackson, MS (Sonny’s BBQ);
4.) Sampler platter (pulled pork, pork ribs, beef brisket) in Greenville, MS (Tabb’s Bar-B-Que);
5.) Pulled pork plate in Blount Springs, AL (Top Hat Barbecue);
6.) Pulled pork plate in Huntsville, AL (Gibson’s).

Obviously, I have some “catching up” to do. Yet, in the wonderful world of barbecue, “catching up” is not a bad thing.

So… what have I missed?

Up next on my list of BBQ places to sample are:

1.) Melvin’s Barbecue Place – Huntsville, AL
(dude cooks in his backyard, and is reputed outstanding)
2.) Granville’s Gourmet Ribs & Barbecue – Huntsville, AL
(I’ve eaten there before & pics are in my stream)
3.) Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q – Decatur, AL
4.) Whitt’s Barbecue – Athens, AL
(family owned with several locations throughout North Alabama)
5.) Greenbrier Bar-B-Que – Madison, AL
(been around a long time)

6.) Pig StandHartselle, AL
(been there before, gotta’ try ’em again)
7.) BB Perrins Barbecue – Decatur, AL
(never been there)
8.) Son’s House of BarbecueArab, AL
(never been there)
9.) Homestyle Barbecue – Hartselle, AL
(never been there)
10.) Porky’s Bar-B-Que – Grant, AL
(never been there)

11.) Somerville’s JailHouse BBQSomerville, AL
(what a KRAZEE name, they’re only open three days a week – and with a name like that, and a limited schedule, they gotta’ be good!)
12.) Scruggs BarbecueMeridianville, AL
(been there a couple times, they too, have a limited schedule, Sa & Su {because the owners have full-time M-F jobs}, and they sell out frequently)
13.) Ole Hickory BBQNew Market, AL
(never been there)
14.) Meridianville Pit Bar-B-Q – Meridianville, AL
(never been there)
15.) Mary’s Pit Bar BQGurley, AL
(family owned for 40 years, been there, have photos in my stream)

16.) New Market BBQ – New Market, AL
(I’ve eaten there a few times, they’ve smoked several turkies for me during the holiday season, are owned by some folks in the same parish as I attend in HSV, is a genuinely OUTSTANDING mom & pop shop, and EVERYTHING they make is FROM SCRATCH!)
17.) Jim ‘N Nick’s – Birmingham, AL
(those guys sell about 4,000,000 pounds (2,000 tons) of pork a year – NO KIDDING – and do it up right, including raising their own hogs)
18.) A small, cinder block, dive-type hole-in-the-wall joint outside Tuscaloosa, AL on the EAST side of the county, just as you leave “the forest,” aka Bankhead National Forest (at least that’s not shut down by John Boehner & Co.!) I ate there once some years ago after taking the LSAT, and was blown away by the quality of the ‘cue. Now, to try and find it again is my mission.

Of course, there’s Jack Daniel’s World Championship BBQ in Lunchbur… er, Lynchburg, TN -aka ‘The Jack’ to aficionados- which is always the 4th weekend in October, and is always FREE. Oh yes… there are photos in my stream of that event, as well.

Now… I’m always looking for some company while dining!
Any takers?


5 Responses to “For want of Barbecue, BBQ, Bar-B-Q, Bar-B-Que!”

  1. harley130 said

    Some of those I’ve heard of and some I haven’t run across. I’ll have to add them to my Foodie Bucket List. Oh and check out TheBrownBagReview.com


  2. Today I made my Nana Popo’s Bean Soup w vegan modifications. Original recipe


    Nana Popo Bean soup

    1 _ lbs navy beans
    1 large can econo stewed tomatoes
    1 moderate sized onion
    a couple of carrots
    some celery
    salt pork (I use turkey pastrami instead)
    black pepper

    Soak beans overnight in water w a little baking soda. Then boil and discard water. Rinse beans. Add the rest of the ingredients and overcook until mushy and pasty. Use only enough water to barely cover the beans. Serve with raw sliced onion and corn bread.


    Modified recipe:


    Nana Popo Bean soup VEG Modifications

    onion, bok choy, bunch of cloves of garlic, carrots, one parsnip, black pepper- sauted in olive oil
    1 ½ lbs navy beans
    1 large can econo stewed tomatoes
    1 moderate sized onion

    no celery – used celery seed powder instead
    DELETE- salt pork (I use turkey pastrami instead)

    Veg bouillon – three untis
    Johnny’s seasoned salt
    three squares of nori (“sea veggies”)


    Try it!


    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Hi Mike! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe! I’ll certainly have to try it sometime. As you’re probably well aware, one of the greatest problems facing vegetarians (and vegans) is a lack of dietary protein. While by no means is it on near the severity of the order of Kwashiorkor Syndrome, it can be troubling, if not outright problematic. As far as we now know, while beans do supply some protein (translate: VERY LITTLE), presently, the soy bean is the solitary highest source of vegetable protein. That is, it has a higher protein : carbohydrate ratio than any other bean.

      And since the radical GOP Speaker of the House, Ohio GOP Representative John Boehner has shut down my United States government, no one has access to the website for USDA Nutritional Database, and therefore, neither I, nor anyone can provide any reliably detailed source of comparable nutrient information on the soy bean. My sincerest apologies.


  3. Whoops – I forgot that I added a lot of chopped kale and it turns out the bok choy was actually leeks – guess I need to learn my vegetables better.


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