Warm Southern Breeze

"… there is no such thing as nothing."

This Blog is about…


Yes, this blog is about everything.

This blog does not have a narrow focus, and is not about just one thing, but is rather an amalgamated conglomeration of things. (Amalgamation is the action, process or result of combining or uniting, while Conglomeration is the act, or a variety of things that are grouped together.)

I just wanted to be sure you knew what those words meant. While writing has it’s limitations, every mode of communication has its frailties. So please, take no offense.

I write about whatever hits my fancy. And, I have a rather large fancy. (That should elicit at least a smile. Smile! For goodness sake! It improves your face value!)

What you won’t find here are observations about my personal life. I won’t – and typically don’t – write about my relationships with my family or friends.

You’ll notice that I opine about:

• Politics (Should we have term limitations?)
• Faith (I’m Catholic, but wasn’t born that way.)
Religion (I excoriate Benny Hinn, other Protestant teevee preachers, and bad theology.)
• Current Events (The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Disaster – which I termed GOMOD – and Occupy Wall Street.)

And yet, that’s not all!

In this blog, you’ll also read about:

• Science (Ever heard of NASA?)
• Food (Who doesn’t like Barbecue!?!),
• Ethics (Should doctors sell products on teevee talk shows?),
• Economics (Is the unemployment rate higher, or lower than reported?),
• Philosophy (What makes a thing good? I think strawberry ice cream is horrid.),
• Research (Do low Nurse-to-Patient ratios improve patient outcomes? -Yes; Does marijuana use by youth increase psychosis risk? -Yes);

…and much, much more.

Again, you won’t read much – if at all – about me personally.

So if you’re looking for a vicarious experience, this may not be your cup o’ tea. But, on the other hand, if variety is the spice of your life, you might want to subscribe!

A pseudo final parting note, in much – if not most – of what I write, I reason and explain the why’s and wherefore’s of many issues.

I’m glad you’ve stopped by for a visit, and look forward to your readership and comments!

4 Responses to “This Blog is about…”

  1. Daniel Bailey said

    Who are you?


    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Hi Daniel! Thanks for stopping by for a visit! While here, I hope you found something that stimulated your imagination or piqued your curiosity. I have no objection to answering your question, and will gladly do so, but please answer mine first: Why is it important to have your question answered?


  2. Nice Blog ‘Breeze!


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