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Government Spending

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, September 14, 2013

More than a few folks recall the significant benefit the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) provided this nation, and how our nation’s infrastructure (roads, waterways, electrical power grid, etc.) grew during that time. In Monte Sano State Park, in Huntsville, Alabama, there are cabins which are STILL standing, and which are in EXCELLENT repair, that were constructed by the CCC. It is testament to their quality, and to the effort to put people to work in this nation in the aftermath of the Great Depression.

Sadly, this largely Republican-led, “just-say-no” congress has done NOTHING to produce or encourage any type of jobs. That is to say, they have written NO BILLS to promote, encourage or stimulate hiring. NONE.

And yet, there is a sure-fire, time-tested way to get folks back to work – and what is being done about it?


Look who’s in charge.


Think about this: The president who presided over the Wall Street crash that led to the Great Depression was a Republican. It was a Democrat who got this nation out of the Great Depression.

History repeats itself.

A Republican presided over the Wall Street crash that led to the Great Recession (aka Great Depression II), and a Democrat is trying to get us out… but is stymied at every turn by Republicans.

Remember: The most significant difference between the budget of the United States government (federal) and any state, local, municipal or county government is this: The Federal Government can PRINT MONEY.

When the government spends, the money goes RIGHT BACK INTO the Private Sector, because ALL MATERIALS and MANPOWER ALWAYS come from the PRIVATE SECTOR.

For the unbeliever, I challenge you to show me ONE – JUST ONE – government-run, or government-operated, or government-owned factory.

Just one.

You can’t.


There are NONE.



21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps Act
H.R.188 — 113th Congress (2013-2014)

Introduced in House (01/04/2013)

The 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps Act – Authorizes the President, in order to relieve widespread unemployment, restore depleted natural resources in the United States, and advance public works programs, to establish a Civilian Conservation Corps to employ unemployed or underemployed U.S. citizens in the construction, maintenance, and carrying on of works of a public nature, such as forestation of U.S. and state lands, prevention of forest fires, floods, and soil erosion, and construction and repair of National Park System paths and trails.

• Authorizes the President to extend Corps activities to state- and private-owned lands to prevent and control forest fires and floods and attacks of forest tree pests and diseases.

• Requires the President, based on certain criteria, to give preference to the employment of additional persons in the Corps in the following order: (1) unemployed Armed Forces veterans (including Reserve members); (2) unemployed U.S. citizens who have exhausted their unemployment compensation; (3) unemployed U.S. citizens who are eligible for unemployment compensation immediately before employment in the Corps, including any additional compensation or extended compensation; and (4) other unemployed or underemployed U.S. citizens.

• Authorizes the President to provide housing and transportation for Corps employees. Prohibits discrimination in the hiring of Corps employees.

H.R. 188: 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps Act
Introduced: Jan 04, 2013
Sponsor: Rep. Marcy Kaptur [D-OH9]
Status: Referred to Committee

This bill was assigned to a congressional committee on January 4, 2013, which will consider it before possibly sending it on to the House or Senate as a whole.

Introduced – Jan 04, 2013
Referred to Committee – Jan 04, 2013

1% chance of getting past committee.
0% chance of being enacted.

Only 11% of bills made it past committee and only about 3% were enacted in 2011–2013.

Cosponsors: none

House Education and the Workforce
↪ Higher Education and Workforce Training
The committee chair determines whether a bill will move past the committee stage.

House Committee on Education and the Workforce
Chairman: Rep. John Kline [R-MN2]
Ranking Member: Rep. George Miller [D-CA11]

The chairman is always selected from the majority party. The ranking member is the most senior member of the minority party.

Republicans: 23
Democrats: 18

House Committee on Education and the Workforce: Higher Education and Workforce Training
Chairman: Rep. Virginia Foxx [R-NC5]
Ranking Member: Rep. Rubén Hinojosa [D-TX15]

The chairman is always selected from the majority party. The ranking member is the most senior member of the minority party.

Republicans: 12
Democrats: 9

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