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Boston Marathon Bombing Attracts Internet Crazies

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, April 19, 2013

Examine the photo below, and the question posed in it.

And then, ponder my composed response below it.

Herman Cain, ever the GOP's insane pizza presidential candidate, has yet again demonstrated his lunacy.

Herman Cain, ever the GOP’s insane pizza presidential candidate, has yet again demonstrated his lunacy.

Naw… give ’em pizza!

But, on a slightly more serious note… that question is patently ludicrous and absurd upon it’s face. It’s akin to a Straw Man Fallacy.


Amidst a crowd of people, (presumably) two men walk, (allegedly) with backpacks containing IEDs. In full view of all present, they place those bomb-laden backpacks in the midst of that same crowd of people, depart, and the bombs later detonate.

What I’d like to know is this:
How would arming every single person present have prevented that from happening?

Is the writer suggesting the use of vigilante justice?

And yet, more than anything, this asinine site with its equally deranged authors only serves to demonstrate the preposterousness of their thinking. Which makes me all the more glad that the political aspirations of Herman Cain – a liar and adulterer, among other his dubious distinctions – were resoundingly defeated by the exposure of his puerile thinking.

More details at the following URL:


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