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Follow the Bishop Money Trail

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, February 20, 2010

Could federal authorities step in on the Amy Bishop case?

Revelations of fiscal wrong-doing by the Bishops may soon emerge.

Dr. Amy Bishop, PhD, in addition to being a murderer, is also a liar.

On an “Affidavit of Indigency and Order” (an affidavit is a sworn document, i.e. one that is given under oath), Amy Bishop checked the “no” box the following questions:

• Do you own anything of value (land, house, car, etc.)?

• Does your husband or wife work?

• Do you have a job or work for yourself?

• Do you or your wife receive benefits from any other source?

• Do you have any money in any bank, savings and loan, credit union or any other place including cash on hand?

Below a clear warning that “a false statement or answer to any questions in this affidavit may subject me to penalties for perjury.” is where Amy Bishop signed her name.

Own anything of value?

She, her husband, and  their four children – all whom are now residing with relatives nearby –  reside at a house on McDowell Drive which current records indicate is valued at $230,000. The southeast Huntsville house with a pool, was deeded without mortgage July 31, 2003. No mortgage was ever associated with the house until March 2009 when a $30,000 mortgage from Alabama Credit Union was obtained. The lack of mortgage at the time of deeding, in conjunction with the payment of deed fees, would indicate that at the time of sale, the purchase price of the house was paid in full. That purchase price was $190,000. They own at least one vehicle, which is the one that Bishop’s husband used to pick her up after she called for a ride after shooting her colleagues.

Husband or wife work?

Bishop’s husband also works for UAH, and as of this writing, Bishop is still employed by UAH.

Do you have a job or work for yourself?

Bishop is a UAH employee, and both are employees of their company Prodigy Biosystems.

Receive benefits from any other source?

In June 2007, Bishop and her husband were recipients of a third place $25,000 Alabama state award for their business.

Dr. Bishop was awarded a federal taxpayer funded $219,750 National Institutes of Health grant for research to be performed over the life of the grant, which is the period April 1, 2008, and ending March 31, 2011. However, public records indicate the grant’s funds were totally paid out in 2008.

Further, the business owned by Bishop and her husband, “Prodigy Biosystems” raised over $1,200,000 from the Huntsville Angel Network.

Money on hand and in financial institutions?

Anderson is getting around in their van, and doubtless has “walking around” money. They most likely have an account with Alabama Credit Union, where they obtained a $30,000 mortgage on their house.

4 Responses to “Follow the Bishop Money Trail”

  1. Because of the difference in housing prices between Ipswich and Huntsville, they were probably able to buy their Huntsville home outright.


  2. Dick Reeves said

    May I correct some facts that you have in error, please?

    1) Prodigy Biosystems is not owned by Amy Bishop and/or her husband Jim Anderson. They both have only small ownership in the company (less than 3% each).

    2) Amy Bishop has never been employed by the company. Jim Anderson has been a lab technician at the company since August 2009. He is not employed at UAH.

    3) The $25,000 June 2007 Alabama Launchpad prize was not collected by Amy Bishop or her husband. It became the money that started up the company Prodigy Biosystems, and none of it benefited her.

    4) None of the $1.25 million raised from the Huntsville Angel Network benefited Amy Bishop or her husband. It all went to the company.

    Dick Reeves, Chairman
    Prodigy Biosystems, Inc.


    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Thanks for writing!

      1.) It is not a matter of semantics; a 6% ownership in a company is ownership. Doesn’t writing “not owned by…” and “they both have ownership...” seem to strike you as contradictory on its face? (This is the fodder of late night comedians. I think the more accurate term is “hypocrisy.”)

      2.) That the company in which the Bishops own 6%, has at the minimum, $1.25M in holdings/value indicates that the Bishops (Amy in particular) own something of value. Her statement under oath was that she was WITHOUT resources. That would make her a liar. Thank you for clarifying Jim Anderson’s employment status as part owner and employee of Prodigy Biosystems.

      3 & 4.) To assert that the Bishops own a 6% interest in a company, yet somehow, check(s) written to the company in which they both have ownership, and where one is employed, did not benefit them… please. That’s just plain insulting.


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