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Southern Slave States Foster Nazism by Anti-Drag, Anti-Trans Laws

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, March 25, 2023

Homosexual prisoners at the Nazi concentration camp at Sachsenhausen, Germany, wearing pink triangles on their uniforms to identify them as such, on December 19, 1938.

Southern Slave States (you know the ones) where legislators have a “trifecta” control over state government — meaning that Repugnicunts control all three branches of government:
1.) Executive;
2.) Legislative, and;
3.) Judicial

— that have:
• banned books,
• enacted so-called “don’t say ‘gay’ laws,
• banned drag shows,
• forbidden teaching about slavery & institutionalized, government-enforced racial discrimination,
• outlawed abortion,
• made illegal gender-affirming healthcare, etc.,

share significant common denominators with Adolph Hitler and Nazism.

Hitler did the same things.

That is NOT exaggeration, it is NOT hyperbole.

One more time:

They’re doing the
that Nazi Führer Adolph Hitler did.

In this current day and era, amidst the actions of rebellious Confederate Southern Slave States, and a handful of select others led by Repugnicunts, to ban, or outlaw, anything which they:

1.) Don’t understand, or;

2.) Disagree with — including abortion, books, drag, gender affirming healthcare, etc.;

it’s vitally important to remember THAT ONE THING.

So did Hitler.

Nazi Concentration Camp Armband Identification Chart
Star of David=Jew;
Inverted Triangle with Bar Atop=Repeaters
Pink Triangle=Homosexual Male;
Black=Roma & Sinti;
P=Poles, T=Czech (German word begins with ‘T’);
Star of David with Pink triangle=Gay Jew;
Purple=Jehovah’s Witnesses; Red=Political Enemies;
Green=Habitual Criminals;
Black Bulls-Eye=Inmates of Penal Battalions;
Red Bulls-Eye=Escape Suspect;
Brown Arm Band=Special Inmate;

Again, that is NOT exaggeration, it is NOT hyperbole.


Hitler’s Nazis destroyed the first Gender clinic.

Together, we must ensure such atrocities never happen again.

Such actions by those states’ governments are essentially the wholesale removal of personal liberties, the repeal, an denial of personal freedoms guaranteed by our nation’s founding documents.

And yet, everyone the world over is witnessing a stunning acceptance of the right-wing extremist behaviors of neo-Nazis — at home -and- abroad. Only the American neo-Nazis at home are being elected under the banner of the Repugnicunt party in America.

Florida is filled with them. So is Alabama, as is Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, South and North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, Idaho, Iowa, Wisconsin, Utah, etc.

In fact, there are now 22 states with Repugnicunt “trifectas,” meaning that Repugnicunts control all three branches of government:
1.) Executive; 2.) Legislative, and; 3. Judicial.

Recently, in Melbourne, Australia an anti transgender protest was sponsored, supported, and defended by neo-Nazis. For those who are familiar with Holocaust history, that is a horrifying development — but not a surprise — to see neo-Nazis joining an anti transgender protest.

In 1919, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, MD (1868–1935), a German Jewish physician, widely considered an early authority and researcher of human sexuality, founded the world’s first gender clinic — the “Institute of Sexual Research” in Berlin, which offered free counseling, and medical care for individuals whom are now identified as LGBTIQ+ people. Though he himself was gay, Dr. Hirschfeld never made his sexual identity public, nor mentioned it in any of his research. His long-time partner, Friedrich-Paul von Groszheim (1906-2006), born Luebeck, Germany April 27, 1906, was arrested in 1937 by the Nazi Gestapo — the political law enforcement arm of the Nazi party, a secret state police that operated without judicial review and enforced the widely-feared, brutal, often-whimsical, edicts of Nazi party leaders — and coerced him to be castrated in exchange for his freedom. A brief excerpt of his comments from his memoirs/diary related to Nazi persecution of homosexuals is found on the United States Holocaust Museum’s website.

Dora Richter, the worlds first Male-to-Female sex reassignment surgery recipient, also worked at the Institute. Because of government-enforced discrimination against such individuals, Dr. Hirschfeld’s clinic was one of the few places an openly trans person could work at the time because of Nazi Germany’s “Article 175” which made illegal “sexual acts contrary to nature… be it between people of the male gender or between people and animals,” although the law did not explicitly outlaw sex between women.

Importantly, one of the clinic’s missions was the emancipation of women, although, bodily autonomy and women’s rights have always been inextricable from sexual and gender liberation.

In the 1920s as the Nazi party gained prominence in Germany, Dr. Hirschfeld  and his clinic became regular targets for harassment. During several of his public lectures Dr. Hirschfeld was publicly lambasted by Nazi party members. Adolph Hitler described Hirschfeld as “the most dangerous Jew in Germany.”

In 1932 Hitler was elected, and in 1933, Nazi students destroyed the Institute, and later arrested its Jewish president and sent him to a Nazi concentration camp. It was reporteed that any LGBTIQ+ person who was there that night was dragged into the street and summarily executed by shooting. That included Dora, whose body was never found.

The Nazis gathered all Dr. Hirschfeld’s client files, photos, and archives, and burnt them at a book burning rally. During the Nazi regime Transgender people, people who wore clothing of the opposite sex, including those that today we would call drag performers, Intersex people, and homosexuals were rounded up, forced to wear a pink triangle, and many were openly murdered in the streets, and in concentration camps.

It the 90 years since Dora and her peers were murdered, and the institute — as a haven, a place of counseling, healthcare and research — was destroyed.

Neo-Nazis in Melbourne on Saturday were emboldened by the Posie Parker “Let Women Speak” event and saw their common enemy in sight. The neo-Nazis gave a “Sieg Heil” salute at the trans people and their allies. Interestingly, they turned their backs on the “let women’s speak” rally to protect it, an the police let them in, because they suspected that the “let women speak” speakers were safe from the neo-Nazis who agreed with them.

Were they alive today, Magnus, Dora, and all who found care, solace, and community in the institute, even for a short time, would be astounded by all we have achieved — but they would be horrified to think these advancements would again be stolen by fear and hatred. Thank you to everyone’s courage in supporting us at this time, NEVER AGAIN!

“Soon, the day will come when science will win victory over error,
justice a victory over injustice,
and human love a victory over human hatred and ignorance.”

— Magnus Hirschfeld

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