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You Will Not Win

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, March 23, 2023

TikTok user @StellaMagz

You Will Not Win

People on the right are the biggest snowflakes on the face of the planet.

And you guys got me fucked up.

Not only do you lack the critical thinking skills to understand the difference between social cancellation and government cancellation, you lack the self awareness to understand that all you’re doing is projecting.

Every time you point your finger at a liberal for something, there are four more fingers pointing back at you.

You people claim to be “anti-censorship,” “anti-cancel culture,” and yet, you people are voting for politicians that are doing just that!

And I’m done with saying you’re incompetent — ’cause you understand exactly what the fuck is going on.

Your accuse liberals of needing “safe spaces,” but in places like Tennessee, laws have been passed making it illegal for someone to> dress in drag, because it makes YOU feel some sorta’ way.

But something like this — (switch to video excerpt of neo-Nazis dressed in red shirts & black hoods holding aloft swastika flags screaming ‘Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!’ while giving a “Bellamy salute,” straight arm raised 30º extended forward [superimposed text: NEO N*AZI MOB TARGETS DRAG EVENT IN OHIO]) — is not only perfectly legal, but if I were to say something against it, you would accuse me of infringing upon someone’s First Amendment [rights].

You people have seriously made this country go fuckin’ backwards.

[mockingly] Because you didn’t feel “safe.”

And you use your fucking kids as a vessel for your hate.

[You say] ‘We’re protecting the kids, we’re protecting the children.’

Meanwhile, the only thing you’re protecting is your inability to coexist with people who aren’t like you.

[You say] ‘I don’t like this – ban it!’

[You say] ‘I don’t like this — pass a law!’

[You say] ‘I don’t understand this — I don’t wanna take the time to understand it. Make it illegal.’

One side is just trying to exist in this world.

And on the other side… you just may be hiding the fact that you are exactly what you’re accusing others of being.

[You think] ‘If I point the finger at someone else, no one’s going to be looking at me.’

Your churches are filled with abuse.

Your conservative politicians are on Grindr.

You accuse immigrants of sucking off the system, and you’re on welfare.

[You say] ‘Look over there! Not over here!’

[You say] ‘Transwomen are taking away your womanhood.’

[It’s] ‘Not us [conservatives] calling for your execution if you have a fucking abortion.’

You’re dangerous because you’re losing.

You are losing this war, and you will lose this war, in the end.

So keep celebrating your little battles of legislation and bills, ’cause that shit’s just temporary.

And the evil and the hate that you carry in your hearts will never prevail. History shows us that, every fucking time. And when the day of defeat comes — and it will — if you don’t like it… bye!







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