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Funny Thing About The Nashville AT&T Bomber…

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, December 28, 2020

Undated image of deceased Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, of 115 Bakertown Road, Antioch, Tennessee, whom authorities have identified using DNA testing from remains found on-scene from the blast site, as the perpetrator of the Christmas Day bombing of the AT&T distribution building in downtown Nashville.

He’s White.

Dude looks kinda’ pasty White.

VERY pasty White.

Not Black.

Not Hispanic.

Not Asian.

But White.

White-bread American White.

As in Anglo White.

As in White Supremacist White.

Look at all your terrorists, AmeriKKKa.

They’re ALL WHITE.

Every goddamn last one of ’em.

There’s not a Nigger, Spic, Wop, Beaner, Jap, Crumpet-Stuffer, Canuck, Hymie, Sand Nigger, or Towel Head among ’em.

They’re all Anglo, Boss, Conky, Cracker, Dried Shit, Esau, Fish-Belly, Ghost, Honky, Ivory, John-Deere, Kook, Leche, Maggot, ‘Nilla, Opie, Pastyface, Rube, Saltine, Termite, WASP, Whites.


And you too, can refer to The Racial Slur Database – or, the “List of ethnic slurs by ethnicity” on the site which is the Font of All Knowledge, Wikipedia – to find an extensive listing of derogatory terms for almost anyone, from anywhere, without exception.

They both apparently believe in Equal Opportunity.


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