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Alabama Governor Bentley gives Marshall county chicken farm $5K tax dollar$ to buy light bulbs during proration

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This is stuff for the Cobert Report!

Sad, but true folks…

Alabama Governor Robert J. Bentley, MD (R)

Alabama Governor, Robert J. Bentley, MD (R)

Yes, you read that correctly.

Bear in mind also, that the state is already in a period of budgetary proration.

What’s that?

Alabama’s Constitution forbids debt spending, so the budget must equal – not exceed – the state’s revenue.

So, in accordance with the state’s Constitution, on March 16, 2012, Governor Robert J. Bentley declared a proration of  “10.6 percent for the state General Fund for non-education services, cutting budgeted spending by $188 million because of a shortfall in expected revenues.”

Can you smell the hypocrisy cooking?

Bentley awards grant to help business upgrade lighting

May 22, 2012

MONTGOMERY – Gov. Robert Bentley awarded a $5,000 grant to help a farm business in Marshall County reduce energy consumption and save money.

The grant will help Maze Farms Inc. retrofit the current lighting system in its five poultry houses. The upgrade will include compact fluorescent bulbs, dimming controls and other enhancements to help the business reduce its utility bill.

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs is administering the grant from funds made available by the U.S. Department of Energy. In addition to grants for energy conservation, ADECA administers an array programs in law enforcement and traffic safety, economic development, workforce development, water resources and recreation development.

Bentley notified Dennis Maze that the grant had been approved.


Contact: Josh Carples, Larry Childers
For more information, visit: http://www.adeca.alabama.gov/


2 Responses to “Alabama Governor Bentley gives Marshall county chicken farm $5K tax dollar$ to buy light bulbs during proration”

  1. Shelia harvel said

    You the sorriest gov. We ever had. You gave a chicken house 5,000.00 dollars for light bulbs. But you wouldn’t declare north ala. A state of emergency. You knew our wateu was contaminated, we have so many sick people here with cancer, kidney failure, but you don’t care. All you want to do give money away to a whore and pocket some money. But one thing about it GOD has the last say. And I hope you go to prison for the rest of your life. I hope you rott in HELL You are the worst gov. We ever had. You don’t deserve to be called gov.


  2. Shelia harvel said

    You are the sorriest gov. We ever had. You gave money away to a whore for a thrill that you know you to old for. The people in north ala. Needed a state of emergency about the contaminated water. You also gave 5,000.00 dollars for light bulbs. What kind of fool are you. You didn’t give that to all the chicken houses. What kind of fool do you think we are. I’m glad you got caught up with. I hope you rott in hell for what you did you hid behind the church doors, but you got caught. You no good.


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