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UAHKiller “I’m Dr. Amy Bishop!”: She ain’t crazy; she’s just a mean ol’ bitch

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A preliminary hearing was held yesterday in Madison County, AL Circuit Court for UAHKiller Amy Bishop.

It only took Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard 25 minutes to lay out the evidence necessary to convict Bishop, though this was not a trial, but initial hearing, of evidence that would be presented to a Grand Jury – which proceedings are secret by law – upon which they will presumably return an indictment for at least three counts of Murder in the First Degree, and three counts of Attempted Murder, Assault with a Deadly Weapon or other similar felony charges.

Bitchop… er, Bishop is now charged with three cases of Capital Murder, which means that the Death Penalty is the preferred justice if she’s found guilty. [ed. note – She will found guilty. Even her attorney acknowledged publicly that she killed.]

UAHMass murderer Amy Bishop’s court appointed attorney Roy Miller – God Bless You, Roy – is going to attempt to convince “we the people” (sometimes also known as a “jury”) that Amy Bishop is mentally unstable, crazy, psychotic, etc. And, perhaps she is. However, that doesn’t excuse her behavior. There are a whole lotta’ crazies out there that don’t kill others.

Earlier, Roy had spoken to the media/press and said he was going to use an insanity defense. The judge apparently issued a gag order and we’ve not heard a peep from him since. [Thanks, Huntsville Times… for NOT digging in this case. There’s nothing to report if you don’t look? Right? /sarcasm]

Roy, the best thing you can do is spare her life. Cut to the chase, and strike a deal with District Attorney Rob Broussard for life in prison without the possibility of parole. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper to keep her in prison for the rest of her naturally troubled life than it is to spend the untold expense (perhap$ million$) of mandatory appeals associated with a death sentence. Besides, we’re gonna’ be paying your salary on this one, anyway (which idea I really don’t like, because the family DOES have resources!).

She’s gonna’ be found guilty. No doubt about it.

Maybe most folks would probably agree that her parents should’ve whipped her ass when she was growing up. Then maybe she wouldn’t have been the mean ol’ bitch she turned out to be… you know, what with her killing her brother, the pipe bomb incident, and the the “I’m Dr. Amy Bishop!” and the bitch slap bullshit over a baby booster seat at an IHOP restaurant in her home state of Massachusetts – not to mention the open mockery of her students in her class.

Yeah… so what if she IS crazy, mentally unstable, disturbed, etc., ad nauseum?

Being crazy doesn’t justify killing, and there are a whole lotta’ crazies out there that don’t kill others.



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