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Ending Obamacare

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, January 22, 2012

Among conservatives, there’s little argument that Obamacare should be abolished. ‘It’s time to get government out of our lives,’ they say.

They make many very valid points. Those same folks have expressed concerns that instead, very real and tangible things should be done for consumers because in some cases, health insurance companies have gotten out of hand.

For example, many people believe that health insurance companies should not be able to deny coverage to children born with diabetes, heart defects, or other health problems. After all, it wasn’t their fault they have those problems. And they believe that adults should not be denied coverage when they change insurance companies, or because their family history predisposes them to certain health problems.

Also, women should not be denied treatment or coverage for breast or cervical cancer. Nor should men be denied coverage or treatment for prostate cancer. And neither men nor women should be kicked off insurance rolls once they get sick, or make a health insurance claim.

Another thing many believe should be reigned in is the practice of “cherry picking” – the practice of determining who decides who gets health insurance, and who does not.

Insurance companies should not deny payment for procedures based upon a simple honest mistake made on an insurance application – such as overlooking a line, not checking a box, misspelling a word, or forgetting to dot an “i” or cross a “t.”

Most folks also say they would feel better if their health insurance company didn’t surprise them with unannounced rate increases – like doubling or tripling the policy premiums without justifying them – and if they used at least 80% of the premiums to pay for coverage of procedures and medicines, rather than being used to pay for CEO compensation, stockholder payout, advertising, operating expenses and overhead.


Yes, instead of passing Obamacare, those are the things people want and need.

But, did you know that all those provisions and many more good ones like them are what constitute “Obamacare”?

For example, there are rewards and incentives to hospitals for increasing efficiency, decreasing waste, punishing fraud and abuse, and increasing accountability. Why should Medicare or Medicaid pay for a problem that was caused by a careless surgeon, or infection caused by a sloppy nurse? Under the new rules to soon take effect, neither hospitals nor physicians will be paid for costs associated with treating such ineptitude.

When a patient is discharged from a hospital stay, why should anyone be compensated when that same patient is readmitted to the hospital for the same problem less than 30 days later? Under the new rules soon to take effect, they won’t.

Yes, those are just a few of the many good things that will occur as part of “Obamacare.”

Which of them would you like to eliminate?

4 Responses to “Ending Obamacare”

  1. jvlivs said

    As long as we’re on this side of Armageddon, these problems will continue. On the other hand, according to Scriptural prophecy, this political world that live in now will soon be wiped away for good.

    That being said, I have observed a very disturbing pattern in the attitudes of politicians, insurance workers, doctors, nurses, even those who are their clients/supporters. One of the seven sins-you guessed it-GREED!

    Right away I thought of three vids on YouTube that ties in well with your compelling arguments:

    Jimmy Buffett-A Lot To Drink About
    George Carlin-Who Really Owns America
    George Carlin-Why I Don’t Vote

    As I stated earlier, very compelling indeed!

    And here’s something that will hopefully get folks to “Wake up and smell the coffee.”

    “Do not put your trust in nobles, Nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs. His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground, In that day his thoughts do perish.” -Psalms 146:3, 4

    Food for thought.


    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      Hey Bob! Great to hear from you! I’m down with you, brother. I really, genuinely am! We know how the story ends, don’t we? Thanks for the reminder!


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