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Alabama Hospital Wars: Huntsville Hospital & Keller Hospital v ECM Hospital

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, July 9, 2012

On it’s face, this makes utterly no sense – healers wasting healing resources on court battles.

Why is this happening?

In the end, they get the goldmine, and you, dear reader, get the shaft. But the greater problem is, that you’re already getting the shaft, and you just don’t know it.

Oh please!


Could this man be Public Enemy #1 in the Shoals area? David Spillers, Chief Executive Officer, Huntsville Hospital (256) 265-2835

David Spillers, CEO of Huntsville Hospital should apologize for WASTING precious patient resources by hiring denizen hordes of corporate attorneys to wage Hospital Wars against the public health of Shoals area citizens! And he’s doing this during hard times? C’mon… David? You don’t have any better use to which you can put that money?

It’s NOT rhetoric, folks.
This is your state government at work! And Spillers is playing the system.

It’s called the Certificate of Need Board, and their purpose is to decide whether or not communities need hospitals, and whether or not those who want to build them are allowed to build them.

Imagine this scenario: You’re sick as a dog, and are wanting to go see the doctor, but Read the rest of this entry »

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Small Minds Think Small Thoughts

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wilson Lock and Dam, impounding Wilson Lake on...

Wilson Lock & Dam, impounding Wilson Lake, viewing North - Image via Wikipedia

In the region where I attended and graduated university, and later resided for many years, there has been an ongoing ruckus.

As a bit of background for the reader, Northwest Alabama is geographically comprised of Lauderdale and Colbert counties. The two counties are separated by the Tennessee River, with Lauderdale on the Northern side, which county also borders Tennessee.  Regardless of what anyone says otherwise, there has been a great sense of superiority, or of “looking down” the nose at Colbert county by Lauderdale countians. Lauderdale county hosts the university, while Colbert county hosts the community/junior college. Colbert county has historically been a blue-collar, labor-oriented community, while Lauderdale county has historically been a retail/white collar-oriented community. Colbert county is wet – allows beverage alcohol sales – whereas Lauderdale county is dry, and only a few select locales within it are wet.

I happened to read a recent story about the prospects that Sheffield city officials (Sheffield is in Colbert county) have suggested which would Read the rest of this entry »

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Troy King claims Pharmacy Lawsuits Frivolous – OR – “I practice law AND (bad) medicine!”

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, April 2, 2010

Using my “Bob Riley and Troy King: The Saga Continues” post on Monday, February 1, 2010, as a guide, I crafted a “Letter to the Editor” (LTE) which was published by “The Times Daily,” a Florence, AL area newspaper serving the Shoals area and greater Northwest Alabama.

Here, in its entirety is the letter. I have redacted my name – though if you ask politely, via e-mail, I will share. I have nothing to hide.

“Alabama Attorney General Troy King has recently come under fire for requesting judges in five counties to …Continue…

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