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Hey, Bryan Stevens! Here’s a crazy idea… try an “insanity” defense for Amy Bishop!

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bryan Stevens, attorney for UAHBomber and UAHKiller Amy Bishop has already made a fool of himself publicly, commenting that the death of her brother Seth at her hands via pump shotgun, as “absolutely accidental.”

Readers may likely be aware of this blog’s Sunday 20 February 2010 entry entitled “Amy Bishop’s Attorney Bryan Stevens – Can’t Read? Sure – just like Amy Bishop can’t shoot.” in which two videos were linked to the story, along with detailed explanation of how a pump shotgun is loaded, discharged, reloaded, unloaded and placed in a safety mode to prevent discharge.

It was demonstrated that “accidental” discharge of that firearm is as impossible to do, as it is live in outer space without benefit of a special suit and breathing apparatus. A finger would have to be “accidentally” inside the trigger guard, on the trigger, and “accidental” pressure would have to be exerted on the trigger, as well as an “accidental” pump back, and then “accidental” pump forward, then an “accidental” aim.

Maybe Bryan’s working on an “accidental” defense.

Bryan, did you eat breakfast that day? ‘Cause buddy, someone else ate your lunch on that one. Matter of fact, it had probably already been eaten when it became evident that day that the cheese slid off your cracker a long time ago. …Continue…

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