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Study: Elected DC Officials wealth way up, Constituents wealth way down

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas, everyone!

“Now, back on your heads.”

Thus goes the punch line to a very good, albeit old – yet timeless – joke.

It seems that a few poor souls were condemned to spending eternity in Hades, yet were also given the luxury of a guided tour and a choice. They viewed three vile rooms, each one littered and strewn with broken glass, shards of metal, and infested with vermin, roaches, excrement, garbage and all variety of filth.

The only difference between the rooms was the depth of the waste and debris.

In one room, everyone was standing around in waist-deep filth. In another, everyone was standing around in chest-deep filth. And in the third and final room, all were standing around in knee-depth filth, drinking coffee.

To the condemned, it seemed a no-brainer, so they told their Satanic tour guide they chose the third and final room, where they saw everyone standing around in knee-depth filth, drinking coffee.

Poof! They were in the room quicker than the blink of an eye – each one holding a cup of coffee, in knee-deep filthy excrement.

No sooner had they taken their first sip of coffee, than a cursing demon came in the room, cracking a whip in his hand and and screaming, “Coffee break’s over! Now back on your heads!”

And so, how does this cute joke relate to the story that follows?

Sometimes, things don’t appear as they really are. A particular case in point is Read the rest of this entry »

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