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Here’s One Easy Peasy Way to Find Truth

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, January 9, 2023

Representative Jim Jordan-R,OH4

Have you recently read any crap on Twitter?

It’s much too easy to read plenty of phony baloney malarkey on Twitter.

Of course, that’s not very difficult to do now that Elon Muskrat is actively burning down that house, and welcoming Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Big Lie promoters, QAnon conspiracy theorists, and other such ilk on board… again.

Here’s but one statement which I recently read on that social media dumpster fire:

“Incoming House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan has not authored, sponsored, nor passed one piece of legislation in his 17 years in Congress.”

Of course, there were other surrounding contextual words and remarks, some of which were opinion, others fact (sounds vaguely familiar, eh?), and it was quite obvious that the author had no love lost for Ohio’s 4th Congressional District Republican Representative.

And frankly, neither have I lost any love for that lunatic.

But, on its face, such a claim — that Jim Jordan has done exactly nothing legislatively while in Congress — just seemed utterly fantastic, not specious (plausibly true, but actually not), but pseudo-real — reality intermingled with fantasy, exaggeration, or distortion, much like a Salvador Dali painting… a twisted, distorted version of reality.

Fortunately, I knew exactly where to go to find out the facts, the truth, and examine Jim Jordan’s record in excruciating detail, including his remarks on the floor and in committee(s), if I so desired (I did not):
Congress.gov, an official United States Government website which is maintained by the Library of Congress.


And here’s what I found, in part:

Since taking the Congressional Oath of Office in 2007, in his 15 years as a House of Representatives back benchwarmer and Trump acolyte, Jim Jordan, who is the incoming House Judiciary Chairman, has sponsored, or cosponsored, 1308 pieces of legislation.

Of those, 50 were sponsored by him, while 1258 he cosponsored. Of the 1308, 258 passed one chamber, 3 failed one chamber, 74 passed both chambers, 267 went to floor consideration, 67 went to the POTUS, 66 became law, 209 went to committee consideration, and 1291 were introduced.

Now, at this juncture, at this moment, I have little interest in delving into the minutiae of his time in Congress, to analyze it, or otherwise entertain myself with his actions or remarks.

But the point is this:

Whether, or not, an individual cares for, or does not care for,
any particular Member of Congress,
there is a 100% accurate permanent record of that individual’s actions,
a verbatim transcription of remarks,
and a thoroughly detailed record of their legislative activity.

And now, you know where, at least in part, to find the truth, when it comes to matters of national politics.

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