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Kudos to you, James Dedelow of WJOB! And shame on you, NPR!

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, December 16, 2022

Purdue Northwest chancellor apologizes after mocking Asian languages
A university chancellor apologized after mocking Asian languages in his speech


So much bullshit.

I mean to refer to the article.

People are wearing their goddamn feelings on their sleeves, waiting for ANY opportunity to pronounce their faux dismay and disgust at some inane remark made by anyone about anything for any reason.

The chancellor referred to a portion of the commencement speaker’s remarks which may be found beginning around the :52 mark, which in context, was his statement of a silly little game he played with his grandchildren, in which he used gibberish as a concocted foreign language — and indeed, demonstrated the same numerous times throughout his address, speaking to his family, who were in attendance on the front row, and to the greater audience.

Commencement speaker: James E. “Jack” Dedelow, WJOB Radio and Founder, JEDTV

“I wanna’ first thank my family that gets to sit in the front row here, and I’ll just mention them, because when you give a speech, you gotta’ always do that, and sometimes you forget.

My wife Alexis — gave the commencement four years ago, my daughter Jackie and Tommy… my dad who went here in the late ’50s.

My son Steve, my granddaughter Lois is there.

Genie Viegal… yes, there she is.

We have a special thing, I’m supposed to play this straight, but ah… I have a thing on the air, if you ever listen.

I sometimes just roll off into a made up language, and I’ve taught it to my granddaughter, so if she starts crying, or this baby over here [gestures to his RIGHT] starts crying, I have something for them. It’s the ishgamaloofka language, and hopefully I don’t have to use it.

[continues remarks… looks to his LEFT — interrupts his remarks 58:53 with gibberish, gestures with LEFT hand as exclaiming]

Adama noris mo adis mor nisti!

[asks his family w grandchild]

Is the kid gonna’ stop?
Did you see that?
Just try that!

[points with LEFT index finger to grandchild]

Just go in the shower and make up a fake language and use it on your kids. It works great.

[continues remarks, turns to LEFT and addresses his father]

My dad here, in 1959, 1960 — he’s right here. He looks… well, ah… I can say this:

[points with LEFT finger, breaks out in gibberish exclaiming]

Hadama mañyerist nor amnisti!
Did you see that?
My dad here played basketball and baseball at PNW.
And he still does it today at the age of 83.

[remarks continue, and he again utters gibberish]

[upon conclusion of his remarks, he seats himself, chancellor returns to podium]

Well.. all I can say is ‘homja yayiyom, [turns to commencement speaker] bye arr.
That’s my Asian version of his… his ah…

Here’s the odd, even perverse thing about NPR’s reporting on that particular story — and it speaks, in my opinion — about fundamental hypocrisy.

But, there’s an even greater, even grotesquely bitter irony, one that many may have overlooked, including the author of the article — who, in that piece, injected her opinion — a CARDINAL sin in reporting. It was, in fact, an article wholly written about HER OPINION of one minuscule, picayune, so infinitesimally minute, and inconsequential thing, that, had it not been for the HEADLINE BLASTING HER OPINION, few, if any, would have read it.

But she, and NPR, understand what William Randolph Hearst, and Joseph Pulitzer understood quite well many years ago: Yellow Journalism gets people’s attention. Salacious garbage sells. In broadcast lingo, viewership and audience is colloquially termed “eyes on the set.” And today, in the online Internet realm, it’s called “clickbait.”

What’s saddening, is that the author most definitely has an impressive professional journalistic resume, and a first-class education, having “graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media, where she was a fully funded Roy H. Park Fellow.” So, she most DEFINITELY knows better.

Naturally, there’ll always be people who are looking for something negative to write about, and this was no exception. The university’s Associate Vice Chancellor, Kris Falzone, spoke with the Chronicle of Higher Education and said that media outlets had blown out of proportion the Chancellor’s brief utterance by saying that, “Chancellor Keon was reacting to something that the speaker had said, and it was taken out of context.”

Citing statistics provided by Purdue, the author wrote, “Purdue University Northwest reportedly accepted one of its largest and most racially diverse classes of first-time freshmen this year. A combined 2.7 percent of students identify as Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, according to the university.”

The United States Census Bureau states that Indiana’s demographic profile consists of 3.7% AAPI individuals who are broken down into subgroups as follows:

American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent 0.4%
Asian alone, percent 2.7%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent 0.1%

So, a 2.7% student body population, and a 3.7% state population are statistically insignificant, insofar as there’s only 1% difference between the two figures. But, if one genuinely wants to split hairs, that’s a 31.25% difference between the two figures. But again, as a reflection of that segment of the state’s demographics, it’s insignificant — de minimis.

If the NPR article’s author, Giulia Heyward, had bothered to watch the entire video (I do not know if she did, or did not), she would have heard Mr. Dedelow explain the reason why he does what he does — having given up a lucrative job and seats on the Chicago Board of Trade, to buy a radio station, change his cell phone number, and begin a new career path. His remarks in full, in that context, begin at the 1:04:54 mark:

“This is the part where I tell you guys something meaningful. And I’m 60 years old, I lived in a commune, I traded at the Board of Trade for 18 years. I’ve been on the radio and built a media network. And I’ve lived a life, quite frankly, of debauchery at just about all of those levels.

But I do wanna’ tell you why I sit there every day.

I get up everyday at 4 o’clock, I ride my bike over there. Sometimes — maybe it’s some of you guys coming home at night-time, there, who’ve almost hit me a few times. And then I open the door, over here at Purdue Calumet… Purdue, aah… CMEC Center [Commercialization and Manufacturing Excellence Center], and then I go in and I turn on all the robotic cameras and all the microphones. And then I start talking. And sometimes it’s [gibberish fake language] ‘hadamayeri morashkeni mahsh papapa’ — which my wife, that was for her. But ah, I’m here everyday, and people are like ‘What’re you doin’, man? You were a trader, you know. You had a really good thing going, and one day you just STOPPED. And you bought WJOB. Just stopped. And then you like, just go there everyday, and, you know… WHY?’

And I gotta’ tell you that — this is gonna’ come as a surprise to all of these people sitting here [gestures w LEFT hand toward family] — and don’t forget to tell Pete Corellis what a great job he did in building a company, when you’re over here — but… the, ahh…

And I’m married to two things. I’m married to my wife of 31 years, and I’m married to a principle. And the principle’s pretty… pretty… important right now.

Graffiti by the mostly-anonymous urban artist popularly known as “Banksy.” His readily-recognizable work has been primarily found in public settings upon relatively out-of-the-way, buildings in low-to-moderate traffic areas globally, and has frequently addressed themes of political and societal nature.

That principle is Free Speech.

When I was 10 years old, teacher said, ‘Hey you know…’ read the First Amendment and I go, ‘You can say anything you want, in America?’  “Yeah, you can.” And then she said, ‘Do you… anybody in class have an example?’ And I raise my hand, I said, ‘A guy named John Anastopoulos.’

John Anastopoulos was on WJOB in the ’70s. Number One rated guy in the whole Chicago area. He yelled at everybody and called ’em ‘stupid,’ and then they’d call back 10 minutes later.

That was Free Speech.

“I went to Berkeley… Free Speech Movement. Lived in a commune, of course. And then, I got to meet a guy by the name of Mario Savio. He was — he gave the speech on the steps of Sproul Hall… about — the “Gears” speech if you guys are ah… I guess you guys looked on — and if I go over like 10 minutes everybody’ll be looking on that their phone, you know. Just Google Gears speech. Why not… anyways.  But, I got to meet him one time. He was a little older then, and he had given a speech in 1964, it was 1984 when I went and saw him talk. I think maybe people came. I started talking to him afterwards for like 20 minutes, and finally — you could tell it was about time — I go, ‘I got one question for you: Does Free Speech still matter?’

 And Mario Savio looked me in the eye, and he said, ‘Hey mister midwestern boy… it’s the ONLY THING that matters.'”

Free Speech… what a concept, eh?

It was Free Speech at work when the now-late renown comedian Robin Williams appeared on episode 145 of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien — it was O’Brien’s next-to-last episode — which aired January 21, 2010, when the two danced an improvised jig on the dais, one that Robin Williams started, which O’Brien joined, and the whole matter was “Fuck the bastards if they can’t take a joke!”

That was done in response to some stupidity that NBC officials had done in what many considered not only a knee-jerk reaction, but one that was wholly contrary to the principle of Free Speech.

Naturally, the NBC censors — yes, there are network censors still employed, and who presumably make good money so censoring, primarily based upon the equally renown also-now-late comedian George Carlin’s “Seven Dirty Words” routine — not only censored their language, but also censored their hand gestures, flipping a bird, and blurring their mouths when they said “fuck.”

But, what was worse, was that NBC executives decided to “scrub” all mentions, references, links, and other matter related to Conan O’Brien’s brief stint as The Tonight Show host. Censorship at its finest. Or, would that be “cancel culture” before it was so named?

And we mustn’t forget Dave Chappelle, who similarly garnered criticism for his comedic story-telling in his “The Closer” tour/routine, who was criticized for sharing a true life story from an aspiring comedian who befriended him… a transgender one. And then, there are his numerous comedic routines from the Comedy Channel about race such as “Clayton Bigsby, the World’s Only Black White Supremacist,” and “The Niggar Family.”

So, “Fuck the bastards if they can’t take a joke!”

And then, there’s filmography… classic, groundbreaking filmography, from equally renown comedic producers, and comedians.

Mel Brooks’ satirical western comedy Blazing Saddles is STILL hilarious, and if you’ve not seen it, do so ASAP! As is Young Frankenstein — also a Mel Brooks production starring Gene Wilder. Perhaps it should’ve been Jung Frankenstein? Or the porno version, Hung Frankenstein. Or would that be the Chinese version?

So, to the thin-skinned, whiny, pantywaist faux critics, I say:

And grow a pair… of tits.🐄
Enjoy your moo🥛juice with the movies.

Speaking of breasts, did you know that the mountain range name Grand Tetons is French meaning BIG TITS?
That is NOT a joke.
Perhaps we should rename them?
Grand Boules?
Big Balls.

And, “Fuck the bastards if they can’t take a joke!”

“We live in a culture that celebrates grievances and is encouraging victimhood as a basis for some virtue signaling Olympics.”

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