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Is Charles Grassley REALLY older than the Chocolate Chip cookie?

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, November 10, 2022

Yes, it’s TRUE:

Iowa Republican Senator Charles “Chuck” Grassley, now aged 89, (b.1933) was born before the invention of the chocolate chip cookie (late 1930’s).

And — believe it, or else — Iowa voters returned him to the nation’s Capitol to serve warm a seat another six (6) years in the United States Senate.

So, when was the chocolate chip cookie invented?

For that answer, we find this:

“The original recipe was created in the late 1930s by Ruth Wakefield who famously ran the Toll House restaurant in Whitman, Massachusetts. The delicious mix of crispy cookie and melted chocolate chunks first appeared in her 1938 cookbook “Tried and True,” and was intended to accompany ice cream.

“The recipe became so popular that it showed up on Betty Crocker’s influential radio program, further cementing its reputation as America’s go-to cookie. In 1939, Wakefield sold the rights to use her recipe and the Toll House name to Nestle.”

ref: https://www.sugar.org/blog/the-history-of-the-chocolate-chip-cookie/

By the way, Betty Crocker is NOT an actual person, but rather, was an advertising campaign by the Washburn-Crosby Company, a flour milling company started in the late 1800’s that eventually became General Mills. Gold Medal Flour, a product of the Washburn-Crosby milling company, contrived Betty’s fictitious persona when in 1921, the company placed an advertisement for Gold Medal Flour in the Saturday Evening Post.

ref: https://www.pbs.org/food/the-history-kitchen/who-was-betty-crocker/

As another interesting matter of fact, Charles Grassley also predates the corndog.


While Stanley S. Jenkins in 1929 filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a discovery that “articles of food such, for instance, as wieners, boiled ham, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, sliced peaches, pineapples, bananas and like fruit, and cherries, dates, figs, strawberries, etc., when impaled on sticks and dipped in a batter, which includes in its ingredients a self-rising flour, and then deep-fried in a vegetable oil at a temperature of about 390 F., the resultant food product on a stick or a handle is a clean, wholesome and tasty refreshment,” there is no evidence that anyone other than he used his invention.

However, in 1939, George Boyington, a Michigan bootlegger who smuggled Canadian liquor into Michigan for many years during Prohibition, had later fled to Rockaway, Oregon to reform his life, where he became a concessionaire. And on Labor Day weekend that year he was commiserating over rain-soaked hot dog buns when he hit upon an idea: Cook hot dog buns along with the hot dog. He called his quick food creation a “Pronto Pup,” which his slogan said was “dun in a bun,” and in 1942, he and Versa, his wife, trademarked the Pronto Pup name and began to franchise their operations.

Chicago restaurateur Jack Karnis was the first Pronto Pup franchisee east of the Rockies, and as fate had it, opportunity came knocking through William Brede, a prominent Minneapolis–St. Paul, Minnesota businessman, who was in the Windy City for a meeting when he waited in a several-blocks-long line to order a Pronto Pup at the downtown restaurant’s location, and enquired about it. He was so amazed by the people’s response to the Pronto Pup that he offered to get sites in the Minnesota State Fair (the nation’s most well-attended, and one of the oldest) to sell Pronto Pups, which Jack initially rebuffed. But William was so very impressed with the battered, deep-fried hotdog on a stick, that when he returned to the Twin Cities, he secured six sites within the state fair grounds, and returned to Chicago where he again made a lucrative offer to Jack, which he accepted, and in 1947, sold the very first Pronto Pup at the Minnesota State Fair… along with 105,999 others. And the rest, as they say, is history.

ref: https://www.mprnews.org/story/2016/09/02/definitive-guide-to-pronto-pup-corn-dog

So, here are some FUN FACTS about Charles Grassley!

✨Chuck Grassley was born the same year Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.✨

💫School segregation was 100% legal until Chuck Grassley was in college.💫

⭐Chuck Grassley was alive before Prohibition was repealed.⭐️

🌉 Chuck Grassley is older than the Golden Gate Bridge, which opened May 27, 1937.🌉

⚡️Chuck Grassley has had a Twitter beef with the History Channel for over a decade.⚡️

A selection of Chuck Grassley’s tweets about the History Channel may be found here:

As a matter of fact, Charles Grassley is old as, or OLDER than, numerous inventions and discoveries, including:

• FM radio broadcasting, stereo records — 1933
• Road reflectors, first magnetic recording — 1934
• Radar, fabric nylon, nicotinic acid (niacin, vitamin B-3) role in health — 1935
• Thiamin’s (vitamin B-1) chemical structure & synthesis, vitamins D-2 (ergocalciferol) & vitamin D-3 (cholecalciferol) description & structure, safety glass — 1936
• Jet engine, crystallization of vitamin A — 1937
• Ballpoint pen, discovery of nuclear fission, freeze-dried coffee, strobe light, material Teflon — 1938
• Helicopter, corn dog — 1939
• Color television — 1940
• Fabric polyester — 1941
• Turbopop engine, antibiotic penicillin, napalm — 1942
• Slinky toy, silly putty toy, aqualung (SCUBA gear) — 1943
• Antiobiotic streptomycin — 1944
• Atomic bomb, public use fluoridated water, mass-produced antibiotic — 1945
• Bikini swimwear — 1946
• Transistor, ejection seat, Tupperware seal, synthesis of vitamin A, Polaroid instant camera — 1947
• Atomic clock, oxygen steel making process, Frisbee toy, Velcro, Wurlitzer jukebox — 1948
• Antibiotic neomycin, cake mix — 1949
• Non-infective polio vaccine, antibiotic erythromycin — 1952
• Video tape recorder — 1953
• Antibiotics tetracycline, vancomycin — 1955
• Personal computer — 1957
• Laser, antibiotic methicillin — 1960
• Beverage can pull-tab ring — 1962
• Antibiotic gentamicin, Buffalo wings food — 1964
• Fabric Kevlar — 1965
• Antibiotic doxycycline — 1966
• First commercially-produced quartz wristwatch — 1969
• Pocket calculator — 1970
• Stay-on beverage can tab opener, role of vitamin K in health — 1974
• DNA sequencing process — 1977

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