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A Story of American National Interests… as told by a Piece of Bacon

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

THIS! is honest to goodness COUNTRY BACON !!😋

THIS! is honest-to-goodness COUNTRY BACON!!😋

NONE of that mass-produced, factory-farmed, Made-in-China, Made-for-China gobbledygook.

This does NOT need refrigeration!

And, these pieces are also cooked, of course.

Oh! And you KNOW, that since 2013, Smithfield Foods, in Smithfield, VA, a formerly-American-based company, has been OWNED BY THE COMMUNIST CHINESE “Shuanghui Group” (now known as “WH Group” because it sounds more “American,” you know) because Smithfield’s Wall$teet corporate owners sold their American birthright for a paltry bowl of porridge — a mere US$4.72B.

You DO recall that China is a Communist nation, don’t you?

WH Group’s “global headquarters is strategically located in Hong Kong, with regional headquarters in China and the U.S.,” while the “Headquarters Shuanghui Development in Luohe, Henan Province,” China, and WH Group’s U.S. Headquarters of their Smithfield Foods division is in Smithfield, Virginia.

WH Group is also one of the LARGEST FOREIGN OWNERS of American farmland, with 146,000 acres, and that separate sale (as part of Smithfield’s holdings) was worth US$500M, according to the USDA.

Put another way, 146,000 acres is 228.1252 square miles… that’s nearly 20% (18.79% exactly) of the entire state of Rhode Island, which has 1214 square miles.

Unbridled greed in the extreme, aka AVARICE, is to blame. And Americans laws DO NOT FORBID, nor punish, such BAD BEHAVIOR. In fact, it’s REWARDED & ENCOURAGED.

Blame Congress — which has been bought & paid-for by Corporate lobbyists — for their FAILURE TO PROTECT AMERICAN DOMESTIC INTERESTS. THAT is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY.

But let’s do something else. Let’s examine HOW MUCH U.S. land is owned, or controlled by, foreign interests.

Using a 1978 law — the Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act, which requires foreign entities to report farmland transactions to the USDA’s Farm Service Agency — the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting examined USDA & other Federal data to determine how much land is owned/controlled by foreign interests.

They found that in 2016, foreign investors acquired at least 1.6M acres of U.S. farmland. And USDA data shows that all totaled, either through direct ownership or long-term leases, foreign investors control at least 28.3 million acres, valued at $52.2 billion.

That’s an area about the size of Ohio.

How about THEM apples, eh?

And here’s a kick-in-the-groin for ‘ya:

The Top 5 states with the most foreign-controlled land are:

• Maine — 3.1M acres
• Texas — 3M acres
• Alabama — 1.6M acres
• Washington — 1.5M acres
• Michigan — 1.3M acres

Now, ask yourself this question:

What are YOUR elected politicians doing about that?

You know… in not-so-sweet-home Alabama, the corporate Republican “Big Mules” that STILL run the state (into the ground), like to keep it “largely poor, uneducated, and easy to command,” and thereby prevent it from progressing, that keep it sucking hind tit, that keep its unofficial state motto as “Thank God For Mississippi.”


Yeah… Alabama is the ONLY state in the nation that starts taxing the poor and impoverished at $4000 -and- actually assesses the Wealthy at a LOWER rate.

Hate to spoil your day for you like that.

Maybe it’ll spoil your week, month, or year… to motivate you to DEMAND CHANGE!

Now, ask ALL your friends & family if they knew ANY of that.

The answer, I dare say, will be “No!”

Progressive Democrats who have We The People’s interests at heart — NOT Corporate “Big Mules” — CAN TAKE ACTION.

And all that from a little piece of bacon.

Oh yes…

6 states — Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Oklahoma — all have laws banning foreign ownership of farmland.

But not Alabama.

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