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If You Live in Alabama…

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, October 30, 2022

You should know this:


On March 11 this year (2022), Republican Governess Kay Ivey signed into law House Bill 272, which was proffered, and supported by the state’s GOP legislators, to wantonly arm the citizens, WITHOUT requiring proof of anyone’s ability to demonstrate competency, or properly handle, the concealed firearms they will soon be allowed to carry EVERYWHERE THEY GO. The law will become effective January 2023. 

(see: https://legiscan.com/AL/text/HB272/id/2544995/Alabama-2022-HB272-Enrolled.pdf)

Of the 29 total votes against HB272, 3 were Republican, 2 Democrats did not vote, 2 Republicans were absent, Yeas totaled 70.
Even our Armed Forces, at the most fundamental level, MANDATE that EVERY SERVICE MEMBER demonstrate competency with numerous firearms, and other weapons of war.
But not in Alabama.
Nursing Homes.
Worship Centers.
Grocery Stores.
Birthday Parties.
Retail Stores.
Gas Stations.
Convenience Stores.
Work Places.
Doctors’ offices. 
Except for government offices, such as Court Houses, and City Hall. 
There, metal detectors are placed to PROHIBIT ANYONE BUT LAW ENFORCEMENT from entering carrying ANY kind of thing that could be used as a weapon… including axes, Bowie knives, switchblades, sling blades, pikes, pipes, hammers, screwdrivers, bats, billy clubs, poles, nunchuks, etc.
Soon, every man, woman, and child in no-longer-Sweet-Home-Alabama will be covertly armed to the teeth, which effectively means that, if, in the parking lot of your local Wally World, someone gets pissed off at you for whatever inane reason (you “stole” their parking space, got the last roll of toilet paper, jar of pickles, banana, or accidentally bumped into them while rounding the aisle), you will be at INCREASED RISK of being shot… and killed.
And DO NOT! For even ONE NANOSECOND mistakenly think that Schools will somehow be “exempt,” for THEY WILL NOT BE… once a court challenge reaches the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) which calls out the inherent duplicity and hypocrisy of NOT being allowed to carry at Schools, while allowed to do so EVERYWHERE ELSE. 
It’s coming.
Just you wait and see.
But, by then, you could already be dead.
Murder and homicide rates, assaults with deadly weapons, and all other violent crimes — including armed robberies — WILL INCREASE.
The formerly-Grand-Old-Party IS SOFT ON CRIME, and their s0-called “solution” to any of the numerous problems facing the state (poverty, child/maternal mortality, diabetes, hypertension, etc.) is to IGNORE the voices of Alabama’s Law Enforcement community calling for sanity, and instead, arm the citizens. 

Republicans are not merely crazy on a ship of fools, but their crazy train has taken a dirt road… and is COMING FOR YOU!

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