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Looking at Russia and Criticizing America -or- Through the Looking-Glass… Albeit, Darkly

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, June 17, 2022

“Russia is scouring the country for manpower and weapons, including old tanks in the Far East, after using up much of its military capacity since invading Ukraine”

see: https://twitter.com/Quicktake/status/1536830368254410756

see also: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-06-14/russia-turns-to-old-tanks-as-it-burns-through-weapons-in-ukraine

In the coming months & years, Russia will be verging on the brink of utter & thorough economic collapse. Political collapse is also all but certain, for NO NATION — including the United States — can continually sustain war/armed conflict efforts without some sort of price which they’ll pay — in one way, or another.

For us, since 2001 until this administration, in the Middle East (Afghanistan, then Iraq), we have opted to build weapons of war, over repairing & rebuilding our internal infrastructure here at home. We have quite literally “beat our ploughshares into swords, and our pruning hooks into spears.”

We have opted to subsidize the makers & builders of bombs, bullets & matériels of death, over life-giving, life-sustaining healthcare & education “to the least of these, my brethren.”

Grim Reaper statue, Cathedral of Trier, Trier, Germany

We have paid the piper, because we CHOSE to dance to the merry macabre tune of death, rather than choosing LIFE for those who are breathing, and food for the living.

We have given to the rich, and demanded from the poor, we have turned upside down & perverted the Constitution by saying “corporations are people, my friend,” and given power to them, while robbing it from The People, all while allowing the coarse grit of wealth to abrade the thin veneer of “justice” by subsidizing Wall $treet-traded corporate for-profit prisons, and flooding them with as many inmates as possible, merely to feed the avaricious appetite of the money changers in Wall $treet’s temple of wealth, veritable “tax collectors” of the modern era.

The cacophony of religious exercise has been nothing less than a bizarre madhouse & circus, a breeding & training ground for sexual abusers of all kind — who themselves benefit from not paying taxes — have abandoned responsibility, and lacking internal & public accountability, claim it is their “god’s will” to maintain the evil status quo — Protestant and Catholic alike.

Yes, there is coming a day when the United States will itself collapse… if it does not change.

Yet, We The People hold the very keys to our own future.

In response, a friend asked this question:

“To use your own words “We have paid the piper, because we CHOSE to dance to the merry macabre tune of death, rather than choosing LIFE for those who are breathing, and food for the living”. What about abortion? How do you feel about that issue? I agree with your assessment of our country. We also on the other hand have to protect our interests at home and abroad. We can not allow another 911 to happen on our soil. Just a few thoughts in my head.”

Following is my reply.

Until the advent of modern medicine, we allowed the dying to die with grace & dignity, often at home in the presence of their loved ones. Now, we fight like hell the inevitable — death — pretending that somehow, some way, we can cheat the Grim Reaper, when the only thing we’ve truly done is to briefly delay death, or worse, prolong suffering.

And for those same eons, thousands upon thousands of years, for the entire history of humanity, life was understood, and acknowledged as beginning the moment one took independent breath outside the womb — NOT some asinine “fetal heartbeat” bullshittery.

You see, if THAT is the case — that “fetal heartbeat” defines life — then we should excise it from its captivity, the very source source of its life, and SET IT FREE, to be independent. And then, that brings about another absurd matter, which is “personhood” and rights. Rights, of course, have corresponding & complementary responsibilities… which is a concept that we’ve seen to have forgotten.

See how absurd that all is?

With the advent of modern medicine, we have also, in a sense, lost our minds, attempting to “save” preemies — those yet unborn, which are NOT TOTALLY, NOR FULLY DEVELOPED, which body systems WE KNOW will later in life cause inevitable, horrible long-term disease, such as COPD, cognitive injury, cardiac malfunction, circulatory problems, and more — SIMPLY BECAUSE WE THINK WE CAN “SAVE a life” — one that, left to nature & natural processes, would die, simply because it CANNOT survive independently at such a prematurely early stage.

Further, we have denied services of health & healing TO THE LIVING. So essentially, once you’re born, you’re own your own. Good luck!

We have DENIED COMPASSION — the veritable “milk of human kindness” — to THE LIVING.



Examine & consider other nations – Scandinavian, European, etc. – and see that they permit the freedom of independent private choice –and support the living by & with healthcare, dignified services for the aged, and more… and they’re ALL doing quite well socioeconomically.

One reason for that, in large part, is that they are NOT GREEDY, and DO NOT wor$hip mammon a$ we do here in the United $tate$.🇺🇸

They TAX THE WEALTHY, not the poor, have long provided paid vacation/time off for their workers that shames America, including safety protocols, labor unions, education, retirement & so MUCH MORE, because they do just that — TAX THE WEALTHY.

And, I assure you… there is NO SHORTAGE of billionaires in those nations, either.

You see, here in America, we GLORIFY, EVEN WORSHIP, ASSHOLES. We pander to them as if they’re our masters, and we’re their slaves.


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