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Here’s What POTUS BIDEN Should Do Regarding Putin

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, March 3, 2022

I wish — with ALL MY HEART — as a show of solidarity and unanimity with the Ukrainian people, and as a fearsome show of force, might & power — including as a warning to the world, that POTUS BIDEN would:

1.) Order NON-STOP, 24/7 air superiority strikes by aircraft to fly out of Ramstein AFB, Germany (near Kaiserslautern) including use of long-range heavy bombers including the;

a.) B-52 Stratofortress (70,000 pound [35 tons] capacity, 8,800 mile range);

b.) B-1 Lancer supersonic heavy long-range bomber (50,000 pound [25 tons] capacity, 5,900 mile range);

c.) B-2 Spirit “stealth” strategic heavy bomber (40,000 pound [20 tons] capacity, 6,900 mile range;

d.) missile (air-to-surface, surface-to-surface) & cruise missile strikes;

e.) drone strikes from the Reaper, Predator, RQ-170 Sentinel & others, armed with Hellfire II thermobaric, “bunker buster” & cluster bombs, and others, and;

f.) long-range artillery strikes from naval vessels (approximate range 40-50 miles) in the Black Sea & Sea of Azov.


until the Russian army is UTTERLY ANNIHILATED.




A strategy of NON-STOP, 24/7 bombing along the Russian-occupied perimeter front of Ukraine, where the Russian army is located, should begin IMMEDIATELY, and would look like this:

Beginning at Ukraine’s northern border with Belarus, and moving southward along the Russian-occupied perimeter/front, initiate NON-STOP, 24/7 bombing on the EASTERN & WESTERN sides of the occupation line, advancing like a zig-zag sewing machine stitch. That way, whether the Russians advance -or- retreat, they’ll be killed.

Once the halfway point of the Russian-occupied perimeter front is reached, in the approximate vicinity between Kharkiv & Luhansk, initiate another similar cycle starting at the same point, and employing the same tactic — bombing the eastern & western sides of the perimeter of the Russian occupation front, advancing in a zig-zag pattern.

Then, once the second round has reached the 1/3 way point — again, having started from the northernmost occupation point — restart the same, from the same point, and continue as previously, until there are at least 4, 5, or 6 CONTINUOUS “waves” of NON-STOP, 24/7 bombing along a zig-zag pattern of the Russian occupation front.

And then, repeat that process ALL OVER AGAIN, starting from the southernmost point and moving northward, as before.

In short, we should unleash the crushing, devastatingly destructive forces of the powers of hell in an increasing exponential order of magnitude upon the Russian army, with EVERY non-nuclear warhead & bomb available at our disposal… and then some.

We CAN — and should — put the nail in Putin’s coffin… if ONLY we will.

To allow the Russian madman thug Putin’s crimes against humanity to continue is a disservice to the world, and is an open mockery of ALL that the United States stands for.

Teddy Roosevelt’s “BIG STICK” foreign policy should be re-employed IMMEDIATELY — post haste…


A strike WITHOUT WARNING is nothing short of devastating, and not only “sets the tone” of war, it provides the upper hand in a way that’s psychologically & morally devastating, and creates chaos and confusion in the enemy.

We DO NOT need to set the first boot on that, or any other nation’s soil, and can accomplish it ALL as I have written.

But, I don’t think he’ll do that.

But he should.

And that’s because — even though Ukraine is not yet our “official” NATO ally — they’re STILL our friend, and friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

And America is driving drunk.

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