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Will POTUS BIDEN let Russian Thug Putin get away with Murder in Ukraine?

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, February 26, 2022

On Monday, September 2, 1901, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, then Vice President, gave a speech from the Grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, with about 10,000 people present, in which he outlined his foreign policy and stated in part, that,

“A good many of you are probably acquainted with the old proverb:
Speak softly and carry a big stick — you will go far.’
If a man continually blusters, if he lacks civility,
a big stick will not save him from trouble;
and neither will speaking softly avail,

if back of the softness there does not lie strength, power.”

Theodore Roosevelt and Kermit Roosevelt, Jr., c.1916 September 26.

He entitled that hour-long speechNational Duties.”

Just four days after Roosevelt’s speech at the MN State Fair, President William McKinley was shot by an assassin in Buffalo, NY, and when he died a week later, Roosevelt then assumed the Presidency.

“Big Stick Diplomacy” characterized his leadership as President.

As POTUS, Theodore Roosevelt was also the surprise winner of the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize after using his “Big Stick” diplomacy to broker a peace treaty to end the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905).

Earlier this month, before the Russian thug Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine, then start shelling the capitol Kiev and other cities, I had written to POTUS BIDEN via the White House website, a letter which has similarly been shared with others.

That message, and the explanatory introduction, follow below.

America needs a leader with that kind of moxie, AGAIN!

But, to be certain, diplomacy ONLY works when BOTH/ALL involved parties are diplomatic, and seek the use of diplomacy to case, or ward off, strife & conflict.

The Russian thug Putin is neither diplomatic, nor honest. He ONLY understands BRUTE FORCE, which is why Option Number 5 is THE BEST CHOICE.

Reports circulating internationally say that the Russian people are VERY ANGRY at thug Putin’s actions, thereby also making Option Number 2 viable.

IF POTUS BIDEN WOULD take the “Big Stick” approach to this matter, his tenacity would yield successful results, I’m almost certain.

Despite the fact that Ukraine is not presently a NATO member nation, all it’s bordering neighbors are. And to the extent that we “drop the ball” at this CRITICAL moment in history — by whatever means — our NATO allies will remember it forever, as the moment when the United States, as the solitary beacon of freedom & democracy in the world, turned a cold shoulder to the suffering of others from a despot of Communism, and corrupt totalitarian thug — Vladimir Putin.


To my great dismay, a longtime and dear friend told me that POTUS BIDEN is not expected to take ANY type of military action in Ukraine for our brothers and sisters suffering from violence by the Russian thug, Putin.

I would that it were not so.

In a letter to the POTUS, on the White House website, I expressed the following, and urged immediate military action, to annihilate the Russian army. At this early stage, I rather suspect that instead, the POTUS will give himself, and the nation, a black eye, and be made a global laughingstock.

Putin laughs at economic sanctions. He understands brute force only.

Sadly, common sense seems in short supply inside the D.C. Beltway, these days.

Again, would that it were not so.

But, don’t hold your breath.


Thursday, 24 February 2022

Dear Mr. President,

Sir, I am firmly convinced that your tactic to use economic sanctions against Russian military aggression in Ukraine is, in my estimation, a foolhardy decision.

What the world needs from America right now, is a little less talk and a lot more action.

I’m surprised that you have not ordered the complete annihilation of the Russian army with non-stop, 24/7 airstrikes, missile strikes, drone strikes, and heavy artillery shelling.

The U.S. Navy could route to the Black Sea at Istanbul.

From along the Ukrainian coast, they could launch missile & long-distance artillery strikes inland toward the Donbas region, reaching even into Kiev, from around Odessa, or in the Sea of Azoz on the NE side of the Black Sea.

A “super carrier” could be an operations launching pad of F-35, F-18, F-22, etc., aircraft to launch missiles, while long-range heavy bombers like the B-1, B-2, B-52, etc., could maintain shelling from Germany, such as Spangdahlem AFB in Trier, or Ramstein AFB in Kaiserslautern.

Spain’s Mediterranean & Black Sea warships, fighter jets in Bulgaria & Denmark’s Baltic Sea frigate, French troops in Romania stand ready to assist a unified global effort.

Phenomenal Ukrainian natural resources are the underlying reason WHY Putin wants Ukraine. Corrupt Russian gov’t leaders are vested in oligopolistic firms.

These scenarios could occur:

1.) Nord 2 pipeline destruction, short-term increased EU NatGas prices.

2.) Russian collapse, sparking revolution to a greater, freer, democratic nation.

3.) POTUS gives himself a black eye by an inept & timid response.

4.) Wholesale Russian takeover of Ukraine.

5.) A 180º in public opinion of POTUS based upon an extraordinary strength & overwhelming response.



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