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Tennessee GOP Governor Bill Lee Gives Insipidly Milquetoast State of the State Address

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, January 31, 2022

If you want to see, and hear, what an insipidly milquetoast governor Bill Lee is for Tennessee, simply watch a few minutes of his disgustingly loathsome address, delivered to the General Assembly, Monday, 31 January 2022.

It is weak, weak, weak.

As the namby-pamby, weak-kneed, say-little-do-nothing Republican Governor Bill Lee gave his State of the State address today, I thought his knees would buckle under the weight of his featherweight words.

His was a vapidly bland address, delivered in a monotonic voice, devoid of fervor or passion, full to overflowing with the null set of simply maintaining the status quo. Nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing life-changing… a real snooze-fest.

He said NOTHING about the GOP-dominated legislature’s gerrymandered raping of Nashville — the state’s most populous city, larger, even, than Atlanta — to “crack” it into THREE different, and demographically dissimilar counties. To give some idea how utterly BAD that is, NEVER in Nashville’s 230-year history has that EVER been done. NEVER.

But not only that, Davidson County, which is Metro Nashville, is home to the Nashville Titans NFL team, as well as the Predators NHL team. The state’s GOP legislators so convoluted and perverted the lines, that the stadium is one district, while the training facility is in another.

It’s strictly a case of the politicians choosing their voters, and doing so precisely in order to weaken the 5th Congressional District, which leaves the city WITHOUT a voice in Washington. Partisan politicians in the GOP wanted it that way precisely because Nashville has NOT sent a Republican to Congress in over 100 years.

And the salt in the wound, was his acknowledgment of an Afghan immigrant family whose husband is a State Trooper residing in Nashville. Nashville has a vibrant immigrant community, which is NOT the case in surrounding counties… that GOPers gerrymandered into Davidson.

He promised that TN public schools would be relocated out of Flood Zones. That was in direct response to the flooding tragedy in Waverly, last year.

That’s a nice idea… but it’ll never happen. He certainly named no policy, or set any time frame, or gave any other examples — though doubtless, there are plenty. He just failed to mention them. Public schools in the Volunteer State are NOT going to razed and rebuilt simply to relocate them out of a flood plain zone. It’s unrealistic to imagine it would ever happen.

He is weak… and disgustingly so.

Just purely insipid milquetoast.


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