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Another One Bites The Dust: Healthy 36yo Alabama Man Didn’t Last 30 Days Against COVID-19

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, September 9, 2021

COVID-19 wins again!

On July 20, Josh Tidmore, an otherwise healthy 36-year-old Alabama man, came home from work with “a slight cough” and at the time, thought it was just “sinus trouble.”

By August 11 — a mere 23 days later — he was dead.

He leaves behind a 35-year old widow, Christina, and 3 orphaned children.

Josh Tidmore, an otherwise heathy 30-year old Alabama man didn’t last 30 days against COVID-19

Josh believed the lies he read on Facebook about the coronavirus, and unwisely thought he was “healthy enough” to overcome it. Christina said that neither one of them “knew anyone who got real sick from COVID, and figured we would be ‘OK.'”

Was she ever wrong.

Deadly wrong.

Christina explained their reluctance to get vaccinated, in part, by saying,“It wasn’t a political thing, we didn’t want to because we didn’t want to; and the information is such a fight right now, and we thought we were young and healthy it will be okay, and we will wait to see if there is better information.”

There wasn’t.

Christina, who was neither vaccinated, had earlier contracted COVID and recovered. Josh wasn’t so lucky.

Christina and Josh both tested positive for COVID-19 on July 26, and then quarantined for two weeks.

A few days later, Josh was admitted to Marshall Medical Centers South, in Marshall County, AL, and from there, he only got worse.

Christina’s traumatic “wake-up call” came at the hospital when she witnessed Josh die from cardiac arrest, directly caused by the deterioration of his lungs from the COVID-19 infection.

Christina saw and heard Dr. Jenna Carpenter, MD, a Critical Care Pulmonologist who, with her team was caring for Josh, “run a ‘code'” on Josh — medical parlance for ‘his heart stopped beating, so we’re going to pound on his chest until his ribs break, inject strong chemicals into his veins to irritate his heart, and then shock the beejeebers out of him… all in the hope that his heart will decide to start beating once again.’

It didn’t.

“She would call ‘time,’ and she would say ‘no pulse,’ and she would do it again, and they would say ‘no pulse.’ She would say ‘I need a pulse.’ I would hear, ‘no pulse.’ They were trying so hard.”

“Josh was completely healthy, active, not a smoker.

“There was nothing wrong with Josh. All his vital organs, his liver, and his heart, you know everything was perfect. He wasn’t a smoker, he was healthy and the virus destroyed his lungs.

“Nobody should go through this. He was only 36, and I’m 35, and we have 3 kids.”

Christina said that neither she, nor her late husband Josh, were anti-vaxxers, and noted that all 3 of their children were up-to-date on their childhood immunizations. Instead, she said the reason why they were reluctant to get their COVID-19 vaccines was because of the proliferation of lies on Facebook about the medications. They mistakenly believed that they could beat COVID-19, like she did. They mistakenly believed that they wouldn’t, or couldn’t, get infected.

Again, how wrong they both were.

Josh decided to take a crap shoot with his life… and lost.

Medical science, healthcare researchers, physicians, and others cannot explain, and do not know, why some get it and recover, nor do they fully understand why some get it, and die. And they have an equally difficult time explaining why some, though a very minor group, don’t seem to be affected at all.

But, most pernicious, most insidious of all, is NOT the virus itself, but the lies spread on Facebook about it, and about the vaccines. It is the lies that are killing people. The virus just helps speed things along.

In the spring, Josh had shared on Facebook an article negatively critical of Dr. Anthony S. Facui, MD, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and wrote that, “this is why I don’t believe 99.9% of what’s said about this virus.”

Josh’s widow Christina expressed frustration that giant social media corporations like Facebook and Twitter are not being more aggressive in their efforts to deny liars a pathway to an audience — and at Congress for failing to act to protect “we the people” and national security — by saying, “It’s just a fight out there. This side and that side, and political garbage. You don’t know who to believe.”

Dr. Carpenter said, “We have a very powerful weapon now in the form of a vaccine to help us fight this, and a year and a half later, we still don’t have consistent treatment that consistently works when you get to the point when you are critically ill. The best form of action is preventing it from happening in the first place, and I think that’s where the vaccine comes in.”

Now, Christina said that she, and other family members, will be getting a COVID-19 vaccination quickly.

“If you can try to save your life, then you probably should.

“I have lots of feelings and lots of regret, and lots of ‘what ifs.’

“You don’t want to do that. You don’t.”

And Josh is just another sad statistic who has taken up permanent residence in the dark, dank recesses of a coffin buried in the cold, hard ground.

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