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Good Riddance -OR- A Tragic Irony Of Stupidity?

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, August 5, 2021

Two words: Good riddance.

Y’know… it’s almost like COVID has a brain, and a mission all its own —


Stupid fuckers, all, they are.

Dead, too.

Y’all BOTH keep up the good work — COVID & GOPers!

If our nation had a single-payer type healthcare delivery system as an option, those type problems (unpaid costs of care) would NOT exist.

Obviously, our nation’s excellent world-class healthcare delivery system is working quite well… for the Wall$treet banksters who run it.


Facebook post shared by Scott Apley mere days before he caught COVID-19, was hospitalized, and died.

In a Facebook post made Wednesday morning, the Galveston County Texas Republican Party wrote that Scott Apley, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee and Dickinson City Council, who was hospitalized with COVID-19, had died mere days after he shared a post on social media questioning the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine.

While the TX GOPers did not mention Apley’s cause of death, a GoFundMe page established for his survivors to help with medical and final expenses stated that, “on Sunday August 1st, H Scott Apley was admitted to UTMB Galveston with pneumonia-like symptoms and tested positive for COVID.”

Apley, who was 45, is survived by his wife, Melissa Apley, has also tested positive, but has not been hospitalized, and their infant son Reid, who is being cared for by Melissa’s mother, according to the GFM fund-raising page.

Melissa Apley, their infant Reid Apley, and Scott Apley.

According to the GoFundMe page, “they will be expecting quite a bit of medical bills from this. This Go Fund Me is set up for any expenses that will incur until they are in the clear.”

The TX GOP wrote on their Facebook page that “God remains in control although this is yet another tough one to swallow.”

The bitter irony of that claim is that their “god” is a killer – at least according to them – because if what they wrote is true, that “God remains in control,” then god is pulling the strings, and if god is pulling the strings, god killed Scott Apley.

But theologically, that’s utter nonsense – or more bluntly, “BULLSHIT” – and no Christian theologian in their right mind would dare say anything so patently and preposterously absurd.

More aptly, Scott was stupid because he chose not to get vaccinated, and as a consequence of his stupidity – remember, actions have consequences – he became infected, and died.

Note from the GoFundMe page made Wednesday, August 4, 2021: “I am very saddened to report that H Scott Apley passed away last night at about 3 am. He leaves behind his wife, Melissa, who is COVID positive, as well as their infant son Reid. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will help the family as they get through this difficult period.”

And here’s another kick in the head:

If Scott died from COVID-19, and his wife is infected, chances are, that baby Reid is also infected, and “spreading the love” to his maternal grandmother and her household.

A true killer kid.


None of this is happy news.

It’s stupid news.

STOP IT!! with all your idiotic, moronic, stupid, lies and cockamamie, kookoo conspiracy theories!!

Folks, get your goddamned COVID-19 vaccine TODAY!

The life you save, may be your own.

Texas Republican Leader Dead of COVID-19 5ive Days After Writing Anti-Vaccination Post


See also: A Texas GOP leader railed against vaccines and masks. Then he died of COVID.

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