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Texas and Delaware Compared -or- Why Greg Abbot is a Moron

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Texas Governor, a wheelchair bound cripple (that itself is an enlightening story revealing his sadly hypocritical character), has attempted to compare Texas with Delaware by noting that TX has Early Voting, whereas DE, nicknamed “The First State,” does not.

His attempt is a poor false equivalency (“when someone incorrectly asserts that two or more things are equivalent, because they share some characteristics, despite the fact that there are also notable differences between them“).

I would imagine that most Texans with any sense of pride in the Lone Star State would be insulted by such a benighted attempt to compare the picayune Delaware to the formidable Texas.

By so doing, Greg Abbott and other Banana Republicans demonstrate what utter morons they are by daring to compare Texas with Delaware.

Why not compare the USA with Chile? Guatemala? Sri Lanka?

It ought to be self-evident to even the most dense person why there’s practically no genuine comparison.

Delaware 973,764 – 46th nationally – density 491/sq mile – 8.70% of TOTAL US population
Texas 28,995,881 – 2nd nationally – density 108/sq mile – 0.30% of TOTAL US population

Area, square miles
Delaware – 1,982 square miles, 49th nationally
Texas – 268,596 square miles, 2nd nationally

Delaware, Texas
Automatic registration? No; No
Online registration? No; No
Same-day registration? No; No

Residency requirements? Must be a state resident; Must reside in county of registration.

Verification of citizenship? No; No
Verifying voter registration? Online; Online
Voter identification? Yes; Yes

Poll times? 7A-8P ET; 7A-7P CT (TX in 2 time zones, Central & Mountain)
Primary election type? Closed; Closed
Absentee voting?
DE: If away on Election Day, sick/disabled, religious exception;
TX: If away on Election Day & Early Voting, sick/disabled, 65 or older, incarcerated.

Early voting? No; Yes
Convicted felons’ voting rights? Partial; Upon full completion of sentence

Now… are you ready for the kicker?


So, once again, we see the utter lunacy, and blatant hypocrisy of Greg Abbott and other Banana Republicans’ arguments.

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