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The “Gig” Economy is A Rigged Economy

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, May 13, 2021

“If I don’t have gas, I don’t work,” said Ronald Ross, 47, a DoorDash driver in Atlanta, as he fueled up his Chevy sedan.

Asked about government requests to avoid hoarding, he said:
“Forget that. It’s first come first serve. People have to look out for themselves. As long as they’re peaceful and all.”


I ordered pizza recently from Little Caesars – they use DoorDash. They don’t have their own delivery driver employees like most other pizza companies do – even small ones. And unlike other standard traditional transactions in which one pays the vendor for their product, in the DoorDash model, you pay them EVERYTHING. The merchant does not bill.

DoorDash charged very handsomely for the service (various “fees” and such), and their total was about $10 – almost ½ the pizza price – most of which ($9) went to them.

There was a space for a tip. I purposely left it blank because I knew a little about how DD operates.

When the driver arrived, he was a younger fellow than I, and was driving a VERY OLD Ford Explorer. I asked him, “How much do they pay you?”

I’ve delivered pizza before; I know what it’s like. The only difference is, that I was an employee, and was paid an hourly wage + mileage by the company, and I kept any tips. That’s a fair, and just system.

DoorDash does NOT do that.

“Three dollars,” he said, as he turned to walk off.

“Is that ALL?,” I asked in astonishment.

“Wait a minute!,” I called out, and removed the $5 bill I’d placed in my pocket for him, as I reached out to hand it to him.

“You sure?,” he asked.

“Absolutely certain,” I replied.

“Thanks, man!,” he said, as he climbed into his old jalopy.

While I’m not a particularly “religious” man anymore, I remain a student of the Scriptures. I just don’t believe the outrageously fantastic claims they make. And I do know from my years of diligent study, that there are SEVERAL verses addressing such behavior. At least TWO refer specifically to withholding wages (in the OT & NT, and the NT quotes the OT), another addresses wage fraud. There are FAR MORE verses addressed to the topic of money matters, than any other subject in the entire book.

In our “modern” era, this is a fraud which Banana Republicans have continued to overlook, in their “laissez-faire” model of governance. One would imagine that the Xian faithful would challenge it, or otherwise regulate and forbid it, especially knowing the topic is specifically addressed in their holy writ. But the exercise, and demonstration of “faith” has come at the expense of political grandstanding, and has been whored out for voter support.

There IS a day of reckoning and justice coming, however.

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