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TN GOP Governor Bill Lee Expected To Sign “Show Us Your Genitals” Law

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, April 23, 2021

50th Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R)

It makes me wonder… why are Banana Republicans so interested in others’ genitals – especially CHILDREN’S GENITALS?

Sounds VERY creepy to me.

In fact, it sounds very much like something a pedophile would do, or support.

What’s the possibility, eh?

Now, I’m not suggesting that the bill’s authors are pedophiles, but “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck,” it’s probably a cow… right?

Maybe a pedophile influenced, or wrote the bill, eh?

But then, why are Tennessee’s GOP legislators listening to pedophiles, eh?

Of couse, this sounds very much like a remedy in search of a problem, rather than vice versa. Seriously. I mean, how “bad” a problem is the so-called “problem” it purports to remedy?

I’ve yet to read any news items about any such matters. You know… something like “Man Shoots Trangendered Victim In Public Toilet,” or “Teacher Shoots Transgendered Teen In Lockerroom” something else patently and absurdly similar. After all, we’re assaulted daily, 24/7 with the tragedies of police and civilian killings of our Black brothers and sisters, along with our Asian, non-White, and non-Christian brothers and sisters. Why don’t we see, hear, or read about the transgendered public school toilet shooting problem?

And, did you know? In Europe, there are open-air urinals.

Nobody seems to get their feathers ruffled about them.

Photographer Charles Marville captured this snapshot of an open-air urinal with three stalls in 1865.

They’re not a “new thing” by any stretch of the imagination, and were in existence long, long, long – way long –  before the WWII era.

But if things keep “progressing” as they are, and as they seem to be, next thing you know, folks’ll have to be showing their genitals BEFORE they enter public toilets.

And who’ll be the inspector then?

This is just all too Alice-in-Wonderland weird.

Then again, its uncanny and ironic to consider that more GOP politicians have been arrested for sexual-related offenses committed in public toilets – BY FAR – than any other politician ever.

And besides that… children have NO RIGHTS, per se – at least to bring action in court – precisely because they’re minors. Their actions MUST be represented by a responsible adult with an interest in their case – an “interest” such as an insurable interest, in that sense.

If children are victims, the District Attorney, or state’s Attorney General will represent their case to the state, which in turn means that someone, or some organization is being prosecuted by the government.

TN State Senator Mike Bell-R S9

Again, minors who are NOT emancipated, CANNOT independently bring suit for themselves. They MUST have an adult (someone of majority age), who brings suit for them.

So, at least in this matter, as well, the GOPers and culture warriors are violating their own tenets, at least as the one which they opposed so many years ago, which they claimed would be the end of America as we knew it.

In 2010, 31 GOP Senators opposed ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, a landmark agreement adopted by 190 member nations in 1989, that stands as one of the most ratified human rights treaties in history, and which follows the 1959 Declaration of the Rights of the Child, making it the world’s most comprehensive framework for the protection of children’s rights.

But Evangelicals, Banana Republicans and GOPers, ever fearmongers, and fearful, falsely claim that adoption and ratification of the measure will curdle milk, rot meat, spoil vegetable, make fizzy soft drinks go flat, and pollute the waters, skies, and minds of children.

TN State Representative Jason Zachary-R H14


The Tennessee Accommodations for All Children Act,” also known as HB 1233 authored & sponsored by Tennessee State Republican Representative Jason Zachary of House District 14, and companion bill SB 1367 by Tennessee State Republican Senator Mike Bell of Senate District 9, would change Tennessee state law to allow employees, teachers, and students to sue schools if “the person encounters a member of the opposite sex in a multi-occupancy restroom or changing facility located in a public school building; the person is in a multi-occupancy restroom or changing facility designated for the person’s sex; and the LEA or public school intentionally allowed a member of the opposite sex to enter the multi-occupancy restroom or changing facility while other persons were present; or

(B) The person is required by the public school to share sleeping quarters with persons of the opposite sex, unless the persons are members of the same family; and

(5) Reduces the statute of limitations for a civil action under this bill from two years to one year from the date on which the claim arose.

Tennessee’s Republican Governor Bill Lee is expected to sign GOP-authored legislation that will permit only students, employees, and teachers to sue schools if, while using restrooms in those schools, they





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