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New Mexico Passes Adult Recreational Cannabis Use Law

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The State of New Mexico has become the latest state to legalize cannabis for Adult Recreational Use (ARU). There are now 18 states, 1 locality (District of Columbia), and 2 protectorates (Guam, Northern Mariana Islands) that have done so, for a total of 21 governmental entities in the United States jurisdiction which have legalized ARU.

The GRAND TOTAL of people who reside in those areas is: 139,471,628.

The United States Census Bureau estimates U.S. population to be slightly above 330,200,000. That’s around 42.23% of the total estimated population. Guam is an American protectorate, and its residents, and the residents of the Northern Mariana Islands, are American citizens.

Many more states have legalized cannabis for medical use (MMJ), and/or have decriminalized possession to either a civil violation equivalent to a traffic ticket, or as a misdemeanor offense. One state – Oklahoma – has so liberalized their Medical Marijuana program that it is now viewed as a de facto legalization, which has in turn garnered the Sooner State the nickname “Tokelahoma.”

There are only 14 states in which cannabis is not legal for medical use. They are: Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Cannabis or its products in any form is 100% illegal in the territory of American Samoa, while Puerto Rico has a Medical Marijuana law, as does the American Virgin Islands.

It’s very likely only a short matter of time before cannabis is legalized at the Federal level.

States/Areas With Legal Adult Recreational Cannabis, Legal Approval Dates

Number State ARU Legalized Population
1 Washington November 2012 7,614,893
2 Colorado November 2012 5,758,736
3 Oregon November 2014 4,217,737
4 District of Columbia November 2014 705,749
5 Alaska February 2015 731,545
6 California November 2016 39,512,223
7 Maine November 2016 1,344,212
8 Nevada November 2016 3,080,156
9 Massachusetts November 2016 6,892,503
10 Vermont January 2018 623,989
11 Northern Mariana Islands September 2018 57,831
12 Michigan November 2018 9,986,857
13 Guam April 2019 169,952
14 Illinois June 2019 12,671,821
15 South Dakota November 2020 884,659
16 Arizona November 2020 7,278,717
17 Montana November 2020 1,068,778
18 New Jersey November 2020 8,882,190
19 Virginia February 2021 8,535,519
20 New York March 2021 19,453,561
21 New Mexico April 2021 2,096,829
TOTAL 139,471,628


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