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The Alabama Attorney General’s Office Has IDIOTS Working There

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, April 8, 2021

This matter was just brought to my attention.

The figure 0.3% is 3/10ths of 1% (three tenths of one percent) – NOT “three one-thousandths” as they incorrectly wrote.

Any grade school child should be able to tell the difference.

Note the emboldened text highlighted in purple on the lower portion of the page.

And examine the dates…

NO ONE has caught that gross error since the time it was written – 2 years 4 months 20 days
or 28 months 20 days
or 124 weeks 3 days
or 871 calendar days

and updated –
1 year 7 months 26 days
or 19 months 26 days
or 86 weeks 2 days
or 604 calendar days.

If the folks working in that office are that dimwitted, or lazy – take your pick – what does that say about the rest of the state government?

Remember: Steve Marshall’s incompetency is precisely why former Governor Bentley wanted him in that office, in order to avoid prosecution.

The history of it all is utterly Machiavelian – Steve Marshall fired Matt Hart, a former Federal Prosecutor who was a tenaciously aggressive and fearsome Special Prosecutor for the State, who actually resigned likely under pressure from Marshall, and then Marshall closed down the Special Investigations unit which was involved in the Hubbard & Bentley investigations, and prosecution of Hubbard. Bentley got off scot-free, relatively speaking.

Marshall probably wrote this notice.

He’s a bumbling idiot, and a fool.

But remember also, these are the very same morons that had the temerity to assert and say that CBD was illegal because it came from “marijuana,” even after the Federal Law governing hemp was passed in the “Farm Bill,” aka the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018.

As I had written previously in “How and Why CBD is 100% LEGAL in Alabama,”

“Hemp, sometimes also called “industrial hemp” for clarification purposes, is Federally defined as the cannabis plant which has a THC concentration of less than 0.3% by weight.

“On the other hand, “marijuana” is defined as cannabis sativa (and cannabis indica) which has a THC content greater than 0.3% by weight.

“Marijuana is consumed for euphoric effects induced by THC.

“Marijuana has CBD -and- THC.

“Hemp has MOSTLY CBD.

“Cannabis that has greater THC content than CBD content is typically “marijuana,” because the two strains are not consistent, and each strain (hemp or marijuana) produce one, or the other (CBD or THC) in greater abundance comparatively.

“Think of it like a rose.

“A rose grown by most gardeners is a lovely, very fragrant flowering bush with numerous subtypes, which also has thorns. The rose is prized not only for its visual floral beauty, but for its fragrance, as well.

“A rose sold by most florists – while it looks somewhat similar, and is practically and primarily identical genetically – has no fragrance, and no thorns. But, it’s still a rose… by any other name.

“Same thing with hemp and marijuana.

“Hemp produces CBD, but low THC.

“Marijuana produces primarily THC, but CBD as well.

“CBD does not induce euphoria. THC does. Science has known THC consumption induces euphoric sensations since 1964 when Raphael Mechoulam discovered it.

“CBD is known, and proven to be a marvelously successful treatment for intractable seizure disorder (a virtual “miracle drug” from a garden plant which anyone can easily grow), which alleviates and/or minimizes life-threatening seizures, where conventional medications have continually failed, and even harmed the patients. Harming a patient violates the first premise of the Hippocratic Oath, “First, do no harm.”

“In order to conclusively PROVE that CBD violates Alabama’s Controlled Substances Act, the State Forensics laboratory would have to prove that it (CBD) came from marijuana, and NOT from industrial hemp. And frankly, there’s no way that can be done. It’d be like trying to conclusively prove that two containers labeled “water” came from either the Mississippi River, or the Ohio River.”

But this is Alabama we’re talking about, a national laughingstock in so many ways, for so many years, which is the very same state that gave us racism, segregation, and “Jim Crow laws” in abundance, along with so many other modern-day horrors, and which still suffers immensely from its own recalcitrance and willful ignorance, and wants to ensure that the rest of America does too.

Practically the only thing Alabama has to be proud of is the university football team from Tuscaloosa, for their winning tradition.

Other than that, there’s not much.

The original PDF may be downloaded from this site here:
AL AG Public Notice w CRITICAL ERROR re CBD August 2019


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