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Dershowitz: “I’m just not a fixer or an influence peddler.”

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, February 8, 2021

The New York Times today published a story which detailed a very suspicious, and quizzical relationship to then-President Trump in his last days in office.

The Hill was a bit more succinct with their headline about the story and its findings:
Dershowitz Made Use Of Trump Access To Help Secure Pardons And Clemency For Clients

Dershowitz was adamant to the Times that he wasn’t “a fixer or influence peddler.”

Just Remember: Anytime anyone says they’re NOT something, they usually are.

“Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz was involved in at least a dozen successful campaigns for presidential pardons clemency for various figures throughout the Trump administration, putting his personal connections to the White House to use on his clients’ behalf, The New York Times first reported.

“An investigation from the newspaper published Monday revealed Dershowitz, an opinion contributor for The Hill, to have been personally involved in a number of campaigns for pardons or commutations of sentences ranging from inmates on death row to high-profile figures such as George Nader, a former adviser to President Trump‘s White House transition team who was convicted as part of the Russia special counsel investigation.

“Dershowitz confirmed his efforts on behalf of a number of people in an interview with The Hill Monday evening, saying that the “vast majority” of the cases were pro bono efforts to free people who had refused to plead guilty in their trials.

“I am very proud that I was able to use my contacts with the president to try to save lives and bring people home to their families. I wish I had succeeded more,” he said.”


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