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What’s the difference between Marjorie Taylor Greene (aka MT-headed Greene) and a seal?

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Q: What’s the difference between a trained seal, and Georgia Banana Republican MT-headed Greene?

Hmmm… a trained seal plays a tune on horns, performs tricks, and barks on command.

So does MT-headed Greene.

A: There is NO difference between a trained seal, and Georgia Banana Republican MT-headed Greene.

Greene Apologizes To GOP Colleagues — And Gets Standing Ovation

Alternate headline:
Lapdog Barks, Owners Applaud

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-14, Georgia) pretend-apologized for some her past controversial remarks and embrace of the QAnon conspiracy theory during a heated closed-door House GOP conference meeting — and received a standing ovation at one point from a number of her colleagues.

Greene told her colleagues that she “made a mistake” by being curious about “Q” and said that she told her children that she learned a lesson about what to put on social media, according to two unnamed sources in the room.

She also denied that she knew what “Jewish space lasers” were and defended her comments that past school shootings were staged by stating that she had personal experience with a school shooting. (Oh? Really? Which one? What was your “personal experience”?)

She received a standing ovation from some members of the caucus at the conclusion of her remarks. (Trained seals receive standing ovations for their performances, too.)

The House will vote Thursday on removing Greene from the House Budget and Education panels, where she was placed by Republicans. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) has so far declined to take disciplinary actions against Greene. (McCarthy and Greene are two peas in a pod, insofar as they BOTH recently went trotting off to see the cult leader Wizard of Mar-a-Lago, seeking guidance and instruction.)

The first-year lawmaker is facing criticism for a string on false statements, endorsements of numerous conspiracy theories and other controversial remarks.

Numerous outlets have unearthed wide-ranging loony remarks made by Greene which:
• Expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory – which asserts that Democrats and Hollywood are operaing an international child sex ring;
• She has endorsed violence against Democratic officials – including murder;
• She has argued that school shootings like Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, and Parkland High School were staged in order to win support for gun control;
• She has also claimed that no aircraft crashed into the Pentagon on 9-11;
• And, she has strongly suggested that California’s wildfires were deliberately caused by a “space laser” in order to make way for a high-speed rail project linked to PG&E and the Rothschilds.

Those, and other utterly untethered-from-reality crazy remarks have embarrassed many Republicans, and GOP Senators have criticized Greene and suggested that she should not be a face of the party. (But the sad fact of the matter is, she IS the face of the party.)

McCarthy and other House Republicans have harshly criticized many of Greene’s statements, but have not taken any punitive, or disciplinary actions against her. (That’s like telling your kid “Bad! Bad!” and then, doing nothing.”)

Democrats, for their part, are seeking to tie the GOP to Greene and her most outlandish statements. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-California) office earlier on Wednesday issued a blistering statement mocking McCarthy for cowardice and suggesting he was the leader of the QAnon party.

While Greene seemed somewhat apologetic in her remarks, she also said that she felt nothing she said would ever be good enough for the media or Democrats, both for which she has expressed utter contempt, according to one source in the room.

Shortly before she made her remarks, McCarthy, who had met with Greene on Tuesday evening, said he does not want to remove her from her committees. (But she will most likely be removed from her committee assignments, anyway, by a vote of the entire House.)


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