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We’ll End Up Thanking Trump For What He Did

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, January 8, 2021

I suppose, in a somewhat oblique manner, we can thank Trump for making America “great again.”

And, I do mean that in all sincerity.

I never voted for, nor supported his candidacy, nor his Presidency, nor practically anything done during his maladministration.

So, how could we The People possibly stoop to such a level as to actually “thank” him for what he did?

Perhaps in much the same way that we could thank King George for his abuses, which led to wholesale changes, and ultimately, the formation of this nation which we call the United States of America.

Without Trump’s perversions, his abuses, his grotesque falsifications, his deranged undemocratic debauchery, his warped appointments, his sickly twisted, and maliciously distorted deviations from accepted norms of behavior, his continuous slander of the Constitution and defiance of law, his corruptions and falsifications, his maliciously malignant and debauched politics, his openly profligate profiteering, his vile authoritarianism, feigned statesmanship, utterly craven conniving, wholesale abuses of the powers and services of government, his open insults, seemingly innumerable callous calumniations, Machiavellian madness, his unstinting frauds, his evil hypocrisies, utterly unscrupulous invidious invitations, his bigotry, racism, xenophobia, fear-stoking, unrighteous, unholy, uncaring, malingering pestilence…

Congress will enact laws to forbid such actions ever again in the person and Office of the President, and by the administration.

As as for his slithering base… many of which are White Supremacists, and other such putrid ilk, they will be arrested, tried, and undoubtedly convicted for their role and participation in the rioting, insurrection, trespass, and damage done to the physical plant of our nation’s Capitol Building, and the interruption of our Constitutionally mandated Congressional action.

So, yeah.

By and through his myriad abuses, the putrid son-of-a-bitch will have obliquely contributed to making America even greater than she was before.

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