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David Perdue wrote a letter asking the POTUS to import cheap foreign labor.

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

If you want to know what a person will do, simply look at their past.

That’s a generally good rule to observe, and that principle is found in practically every activity of human life – even in politics.

So, let’s examine Georgia’s Banana Republican Senator David Perdue, who was formerly Dollar General CEO from 2003 to 2007 of the Goodlettsville, TN-based business.

David Perdue has been selling out Americans for a long time. As long as it made a fast buck for him, or whoever hired him, he was okay with that.

A little-known fact about Perdue – but one well worth remembering, and publicizing – who is campaigning against Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff (from whom he also hides and refuses to debate), is that when Perdue was Dollar General’s CEO, he was significantly responsible for driving manufacture of most of the company’s merchandise out of America, to Chinese factories. In a 2004 conference call with investors, he said in part that, “We have opened a sourcing office in Hong Kong, and I can tell you we have had a dramatic impact on our business by having direct contact with our manufacturers.”

Of course, Perdue wasn’t satisfied with that, and as Senator, he wrote a letter to Trump dated February 6, 2020 to request an increase in the H-2B visa program, which allows for cheap imported labor to replace American workers, and wrote in part that, “…I am requesting that you exercise your discretion to increase the H-2B cap to the maximum extent as allowed by law…”

GA Sen David Perdue H-2B visa increase letter

David Perdue continues selling out Americans to China, and even worse, supports importing cheap Chinese labor to replace Americans and American jobs.

How “patriotic” is that?

Not only that, but the far-right website The Gateway Pundit reported on September 3, 2019 that Georgia Senator David Perdue, and Montana Senator Steve Gaines traveled to China and met with Chinese Vice Premier Liu, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee. Daines is the Co-Chair of the Senate US-China Working Group.

Furthermore, on his FOX Business Network program “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” the host said in part on September 3, 2019 that, “…both have a significant history of outsourcing American jobs while working in the private sector.”

But then, to demonstrate how utterly out of touch with reality David Perdue is, and how disconnected

Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue’s YouTube channel incorrectly named Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn as “Martha” in a video posted December 11, 2020. How out-of-touch with one’s colleagues must he be to not even remember their name? David Perdue does not have Georgia’s citizens in mind, either.

he and his staff are from the very people they purport to work with, consider this:

On David Perdue’s own YouTube channel, he misidentifies Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn as “Martha” Blackburn.

If he can’t correctly remember the name of the people he works with, who are on the same political team as he is, how can he possibly think of the needs of Georgia’s millions of citizens?

David Perdue is not only bad for Georgia, he’s bad for America.

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