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Thanksgiving Tofurkey

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving 2020, y’all!

If you’re unaware, “tofurkey” is an imitation substitute for turkey, made from tofu, which is the semi-solid paste-like protein curd made from the soy bean.

It’s “supposed” to taste like turkey.


Riddle me this:

Why would vegetarians want to eat something that tastes like meat?

And if you can also answer this, you’ll be doing quite well:

Why is there such as thing as turkey “bacon”?

Bonus points for this one:

Almond “milk” and other milk substitute products from plants are anything but natural, and are highly processed, chemically-enhanced, made-in-a-science-laboratory substitutes for dairy milk – a 100% all-natural product – and should be called “juice” or “beverage” rather than milk. If one eschews highly processed foods, and chemical additions to food, why would anyone drink plant by-products which are falsely advertised as “milk”?

Once again, why avoid and attempt to imitate the natural thing?

It’s nonsensical, isn’t it?

Know what else is nonsensical?

Allowing the GOP to maintain control of the Senate.

Mitch McConnell is the LEAST liked politician in America.

See the numbers compared at the end of this article.

If you live in Georgia, or know anyone who does, encourage them to vote FOR Rev. Raphael Warnock-D -and- FOR Jon Ossoff-D for Georgia’s U.S. Senators.


1.) The incumbent Republicans are corrupt crooks. Kelly Loeffler, and David Perdue both sold stock THE VERY DAY, AFTER they were in a closed-door meeting about the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, and the problems it would cause the people, the nation, and the economy.

2.) The incumbent Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue have ALWAYS voted AGAINST the best interests of Georgians, and the American people in general -and- in the 6 years he’s been in office, David Perdue has NOT EVEN ONCE met with the people of Georgia – his constituents – whose interests he purports to represent.

3.) Republican Kelly Loeffler was appointed – NOT elected – to the position by a Republican Governor – Brian Kemp.

4.) The incumbent Republicans are multi-millionaires, and with an estimated net worth of $500 Million – $800 million with her husband – Kelly Loeffler is THE RICHEST member in Congress, House and Senate. Because Loeffler and her husband LITERALLY own the New York Stock Exchange, she is a walking, talking conflict of interest in LITERALLY EVERYTHING and EVERY MATTER upon which she will vote.

5.) Loeffler lied about not selling stock IMMEDIATELY AFTER attending the closed-door Senate meeting about the coronavirus/COVID-19 and was investigated by the partisan Senate Ethics Committee, while Perdue is being investigated by the FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission for his actions.

6.) Loeffler and Perdue are “inside traders” because they acted upon privileged information not readily available to the General Public.

7.) The Senate’s balance is presently tilted only very slightly toward the Republicans, which means if both Democrats are not elected – which would make the balance 50/50, with the Vice President breaking any tie votes – the Kentucky “Grim Reaper,” Senate Majority Leader “Moscow” Mitch McConnell will remain in power, and continue to keep his knee on America’s neck, and simply “just say no” to practically every bill that comes from the House, thus, in large part, usurping the power of the President, and the will of The People as expressed through the House of Representatives by refusing to place the bills in the Senate for consideration. Presently, there are well over 400 such bills collecting dust, lying on his desk… dying.

Name Favorable Unfavorable Spread Party Office
Donald Trump 42.3 53.5 -11.2 R POTUS
Nancy Pelosi 36.6 53.2 -16.6 D SOTH
Mitch McConnell 28.2 50.2 -22.0 R SMaL
Chuck Schumer 31.3 42.7 -11.4 D SMiL



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