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Sore Loser Trumpians Violate Law, Create Problems In Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Vote Recount

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, November 22, 2020

This is your President, America. Revel in the moment when you elected an incompetent idiot.

Surely, this surprises exactly… NO ONE.

Perhaps we should take to calling POS45 the Liar in Chief/Liar n’ Thief, either “Loserman,” or “L-POTUS” for Loser-POTUS.

Remember: In the topsy-turvy surreality world of the Narcissist in Chief, losers win, and winners lose – and he never loses.

America, you voted for a goddamn sicko, a genuinely mentally ill motherfucker, who has weakened America in the eyes of her enemies, and in the eyes of her allies.

Trump is a true Piece Of Shit 45.

Maybe, if the world is lucky, if there’s any justice at all, after he leaves office, he’ll be indicted at the Federal and State levels, prosecuted and convicted, and bankrupted. Hell… maybe even he’ll die, or be incapacitated quickly.


And THANKS for praying for him!

“Let his years be few; let someone else take his position.
Psalm 109:8 (NLT)

Wisconsin Officials: Trump Observers Obstructing Recount

By Michael Tarm
Saturday, 21 November 2020

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Election officials in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin’s most populous county, reported that so-called observers with the Trump Campaign were interfering with legal operations by obstructing the recount of legally-cast ballots, and were also attempting to obstruct a recount of the presidential results by objecting to every ballot tabulators randomly pulled to count.

Trump requested a recount in the heavily liberal counties of Milwaukee and Dane hoping to “undo” the Democrat Joe Biden’s victory margin of 20,600 votes. Never in state history has there ever been a recount in elections with such a large margin of victory, and legal experts say that Trump’s strategy is widely perceived as attemping an eventual court challenge, part of an effort in 6 key states – AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA, WI –  to “undo” his election loss.

Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson said that a steady stream of constant complaints by Republicans in Milwaukee County was significantly delaying the recount, and that many Trump “observers/objectors/obstructors” were violating rules by constantly interrupting vote counters with questions and comments.

Remarking that observers from the Trump campaign “clearly don’t know what they are doing,” he characterized their bad behavior saying “that’s unacceptable.”

Milwaukee County Election Commissioner, Tim Posnanski, reported to his fellow commissioners that Trump campaign representatives were violating rules by placing two representatives per vote-counting table, when the rules allow only one per campaign. The other Trump campaign representative was an imposter posing as an “independent.”

He also reported abject abuses, and obstruction of the legal vote-tabulation duty by Trump campaign representatives who objected to every single ballot which tabulators randomly pulled from a bag, only because they were folded.

Election Commissioner Posnanski called such behavior “prima facie evidence of bad faith by the Trump campaign,“ and said, “I want to know what is going on and why there continues to be obstruction.”

Joe Voiland, an attorney for the Trump campaign denied the campaign was acting in bad faith, violating rules, and law, and claimed that, “I want to get to the point of dialing everything down … and not yelling at each other.”

Milwaukee Count Sheriff’s Deputies escorted at least one Trump “observer/obstructionist” out of the building after pushing an Election Official who had lifted her coat from an observer chair. Another Trump “observer/obstructionist” was removed Friday for refusing to comply with rules to properly wear a face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.

The Trump campaign paid $3 million, as required by state law, for the partial recount which began Friday, 20 November 2020, and must be concluded by December 1.

Trump’s hoodlum team is attempting to disqualify ballots where election clerks filled in missing address information on the certification envelope where the ballot is inserted, even though the practice has long been legally accepted in Wisconsin.

The Trump campaign also falsely claims that thousands of Absentee Ballots do not have proper written paperwork, claiming that some Absentee Voters improperly declared themselves “indefinitely confined,” which is a status that allows Voters to legally receive a ballot without photo ID. All of those type false claims and challenges were rejected.

Since the 2000 Florida recount in the Presidential Election, there have been at least 31 statewide recount, which changed the outcome of exactly 3 races, all of which were decidd by mere hundreds of votes, not thousands.


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