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Loser Trump Is ButtHurt

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, November 12, 2020

So he lost.

It’ll be “official” soon enough.

Yes, the Associated Press “called it” for Biden.

Unlike the Current White House Occupant, the Associated Press is trustworthy.

They tell the truth.

They’re reliable.

An inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility towards the perceived “aggressor.”

When the results are certified, the only thing certification will do, is attest that the results as reported by them are accurate.

The results provided by the 50 Secretaries of State will show the TOTAL number of votes by which he lost.

It won’t change the total number of Electoral College Votes which Biden won.

Overly annoyed, bothered or bugged because of a perceived insult; aimlessly offended; having an overly sensitive ego.
Annoyance because of a perceived insult.
Upset because of a perceived injustice.

Notice the credenza behind him which has only the pictures of his late mother and father – none of his children, wife, wives, or of any others. Like his father, Trump is a known philanderer, liar, chiseler, bigoted racist, fraud, cheater, and failure in business and in human relationships, as evidenced by his multiple former wives, and 7 business bankruptcies, and other failed businesses, and Federal lawsuits against him. Note also his posture: A self-hug arm-fold, and pursed lips – a very child-like posture, not one associated with adults. And when the posture is seen in children, it most often denotes an angry temperament when things aren’t going their way. So it is with the man-child Trump; he adopts this posture when things aren’t going his way.

And despite what he’d have you believe otherwise, Trump has always been a loser, anyway. It ought to be obvious by the exaggerated demonstrations of his sense of self as evidenced by his abuse of superlatives. It’s a façade.

It comes from his sense of shame which he’s carried with him as excess emotional baggage acquired from childhood throughout his entire life.

If anything, he’s to be pitied.

Yet, when a full-grown man develops, even cultivates, a narcissistic personality disorder as an ineffective coping mechanism in response to childhood trauma, regardless of the type, there is not much left to do other than to defend oneself against the inevitable abuses and malicious behaviors that will be demonstrated, which are as a consequence of the failure to act to avert the long-term psychological and emotional damage wrought through the acquisition of those same ineffective coping mechanisms and behaviors.

In other words, because Trump has squandered untold opportunities to become better (through therapy) which he has steadfastly refused, he has become abusive. Of particular note, his long-time friend Howard Stern has undergone long-term therapy, and the changes in his life and behavior are obvious, and he has noted as much, as well, on his radio show.

Trump will go to his grave remembered as a tiny little man, a most miserable creature, rather than a giant among men. His place among history as a one-term President will be a mere pockmark, a scarred and permanent reminder of the former presence of disease or infection.

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