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Crazy Much? White Republican Mississippi State Representative Price Wallace Can’t Spell, Advocates Treason, Hides, Then Apologizes, And Otherwise Shows His Ignorance.

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, November 12, 2020

👈This is a screenshot of a now-deleted Tweet from an actual White Republican Mississippi State Representative – Price Wallace – who was elected to represent MS State House District 77, Mendenhall.

Sadly, the mofo doesn’t even know the difference in SECEDE and SUCCEED. Maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t confuzalate it with suck seed.😳😂

And apparently, he’s either forgotten history, or skipped school during Civil War history week.

So it would only be natural to remind him, via the United States National Park Service website, that in January 1861 Mississippi state lawmakers adopted a secession declaration which stated:

“Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery
– the greatest material interest of the world.”

Spoiler warning: They tried that once; it was phenomenally unsuccessful.

But let’s play along, and briefly think about the “bigger picture” of his bad idea.

When compared to the other 49 states, Mississippi’s economy is:
Ranked between Guam and Puerto Rico in Per Capita GDP.
48th overall in the U.S. in Quality of Life.
49th in High School Graduation Rates.
50th in Healthcare Access & Quality.
48th in Public Health.
48th in Economy.
46th in Education.
45th in Infrastructure.
44th in Fiscal Stability.

On July 25, 2017, writing for the Mississippi Clarion-Ledger, Geoff Pender stated that “Mississippi remains dependent on Federal dollars.” Citing research by Pew Charitable Trusts which showed that compared to other states, at 42.1%, Mississippi was one of 6 states which received the bulk of their revenue from the Federal government, and in Fiscal Year 2018 received 42.6% of state revenue from the Federal government, with 41.2% from state taxes, with the balance from service charges and local taxes.

Now, close your eyes and imagine if it “succeeded” from the Union… and lost all the Federal money it now gets.

In actuality, what we have here, is a duly-elected Public Official advocating treason against the United States. Isn’t there a law against that kind of crap?

Not in Mississippi.

The state constitution in Article 3, Section 10 reads:

“SECTION 10. Treason. Treason against the state shall consist only in levying war against the same or in adhering to its enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.”

But wait!

Article 4, Section 48 reads:

“SECTION 48. Immunity of members from arrest for certain crimes. Senators and Representatives shall, in all cases, except treason, felony, theft, or breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest during the session of the Legislature, and for fifteen days before the commencement and after the termination of each session.”

And then, Article 4, Section 50 reads:

“SECTION 50. Impeachment grounds. The Governor and all other civil officers of this State, shall be liable to impeachment for treason, bribery, or any high crime or misdemeanor in office.”

Article 4, Section 102 reads:

“SECTION 102. Elections for State and county officers. All general elections for State and county officers shall commence and be holden every four years, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, until altered by the law; and the electors, in all cases except in cases of treason, felony, and breach of peace, shall be privileged from arrest during their attendance at elections and in going to and returning therefrom.”

Of course, Article 5, Section 124 forbids the Guvnah from pardoning treason before a conviction for the same. And in an obliquely related matter, there’s scuttlebutt that the soon-to-be-former President, presently the Current White House Occupant POS45, may attempt to preemptively pardon himself before leaving office.

So basically, no… Mississippi doesn’t really have a law against treason.

Nina Simone was right so many years ago when she sang, “And everybody knows about Mississippi, goddamn!” (from Live in Antibes, July 24-25, 1965)

Of course, as many of us may also know, Alabama was separated from Mississippi in 1817 so MS could join the union. It could be thought of as a somewhat unsuccessful separation of conjoined twins.🤣 AL joined the union 2 years later. It’s why Alabama’s unofficial state motto is “Thank God For Mississippi!”

Now about Representative Mr. Price Wallace…

He’s a farmer, and won a special election in 2018 to the Republican-controlled Mississippi House, and was reelected in 2019.

The Mississippi Free Press first reported the matter of his stupid tweet on Monday, November 9, 2020, in a news item headlined as “Top Mississippi Republicans Fail to Acknowledge Biden Victory as Fitch Joins Trump Lawsuit.

Price Wallace, as featured in a farmer’s journal

Later, national and international news organizations including the Washington Post, picked up the story, whereupon Representative Mr. Wallace deleted the tweet, locked his Twitter account, and blocked several of his followers, including a reporter from the Mississippi Free Press.

Later, feeling contrite, and after having “spoken with” the Speaker of the Mississippi State House, Representative Wallace issued an apology, of sorts, also via Twitter, and wanted to sort-of kiss and make up with his constituents, which, according to the U.S. Census are 67% White, and 30% Black.

When he re-opened his Twitter account and unblocked those whom he had earlier blocked, he wrote,

“I truly love the USA and Mississippi and would never support any idea of seceding from the union. I am extremely sorry for my comment. It was inappropriate and in no way represents the will of my constituents or myself. I humbly ask for forgiveness for my poor lack of judgment.”

Representative Wallace, who was born in 1961, graduated high school from Simpson County Academy, one of many all-White “segregation academies” which were quickly established in 1970 following the U.S. Supreme Court’s October 1969 order for immediate integration in schools. Former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and Mississippi U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith also placed their children into segregation academies.

Among reading, writing, and arithmetic, the subjects taught at Mississippi’s “segregation academies” included ideologies like the “Lost Cause” mythology – which portrays the Southern effort in the Civil War as a noble, but lost cause defending “state’s rights” rather than about protecting the institution of slavery – and inculcation of doctrines espoused by the radical far-right fringe group John Birch Society were all a regular part of the curriculum.

no one should be mislead
or fooled,
that his language and actions are
anything other than
irrefutable proof,
and continued evidence
Racist Bigoted
White Supremacy
is alive and well in our
United States.

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