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Of Biden’s Victory, Trump’s friend, Russian Commissar Putin said…

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Monday, November 9, 2020

The Kremlin has been conspicuously silent following the news of President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.

The leaders of many of America’s long-time allies and other friendly nations have expressed their congratulations and well-wishes to the Democratic victor in a hard-fought campaign against a candidate who is the exemplification and very personification of evil, who has weakened America, and made her an international laughingstock.

Recently, the Russian’s official mouthpiece for Trump’s good friend and buddy, Vladimir Putin, said it would be “premature” to extend congratulations to Joe Biden for winning the election since the results are not yet official.

Yeah… right. Whatever you say, Vladimir. That’s like saying you won’t wish someone a happy birthday because their birthday is tomorrow, even though many others are. Don’t worry… tomorrow will arrive. And in the mean time, you just look either stupid, or suspicious.

But Putin is a top spy for Russia. He headed up the KGB – the notorious spy agency is now called the GRU. Those sons of bitches haven’t gotten any kinder, or nicer. They’d just as soon poison you as look at you. Deaths by poisoning and other so-called “mysterious” deaths are their specialty.

And just because they’re allegedly “not communist” anymore doesn’t mean a damn thing. With them, it’s “meet the new boss – same as the old boss,” because all the same people are in charge of the “new and improved” so-called “non-communist” government.

So when your own nation’s Republican (mis)leaders are saying the same goddamn thing as the Russians… you do the math. Whose pocket are they in?

“Anticipating your possible question about congratulations from [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to the US president-elect, I want to say the following:

We consider it correct to wait for the official results of the elections to be announced. There [in the US] they are facing certain legal procedures that were announced by the incumbent president, which makes this situation different. So we deem it as correct to wait for the official announcement. We hope that it will be possible to build dialogue with the next US president and agree on ways to improve bilateral relations. Particularly because an important field of bilateral relations, the security and stability field, concerns not only our two nations but in fact all nations in the world.”
Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov to reporters, Monday, November 9, 2020

A billboard on I-65 in Horse Cave, KY. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

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