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Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me… You Can’t Get Fooled Again.

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, November 8, 2020

Perhaps you’ll recall that butchered line uttered by then-POTUS George W. Bush in Nashville, TN, September 17, 2002 at East Literature Magnet School.


Yet, the buffoonery and vulgar hilarity of this administration’s utter incompetence is nothing short of poetic irony, indeed!

His bull-in-the-china-shop, burn-it-all-down approach made Bush II look like a piker, a rank amateur, a mere wet-behind-the-ears greenhorn.

But Bush’s malapropisms were a peculiarly, albeit somewhat endearing trait of his.

However, nothing this POTUS has ever said has ever been noteworthy, or even remotely funny. Not even “covfefe.” Narcissism isn’t hilarious, nor is it tragic. It’s dangerous. People who can’t laugh at themselves are sick.

It’s also plainly self-evident that Presidents who don’t, or won’t, have dogs as pets are equally as dangerous.

But Shakespeare would be so very jealous!

“On Saturday, shortly before The Associated Press declared that Biden had won, Trump announced on Twitter that his allies would hold a news conference at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia — only to clarify shortly afterward that the event was at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a squat building in an industrial part of the city, located next to an adult bookstore and across from a crematorium.”

Trump Tried To Make This Election 2016 Again. It Didn’t Go As Planned.


One Response to “Fool Me Once, Shame On You. Fool Me… You Can’t Get Fooled Again.”

  1. […] Why people would choose someone so very unlike them to represent them is beyond the scope of imagination. But, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me… you can’t get fooled again.” […]


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