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South Carolina Senate Contestants Graham/Harrison Debate

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

In a debate that was genuinely enjoyable to watch, incumbent Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, faced Democratic contender Jaime Harrison in an hour-long face-off in Chappelle Auditorium on the campus of Allen University in Columbia, which partnered with WIS-TV channel 10, also in Columbia, and The State newspaper, to host the event.

In stark contrast to the first Presidential Debate with incumbent Republican President Donald Trump, and the Democratic contender, former Delaware Senator, then Vice President Joe Biden, in which the nation’s Chief Executive behaved like a belligerently bellicose bombastic baseborn buffoon – an ignominious first in the history of Presidential debates – this debate was a civil, even genteel by comparison, walk in the park.

While not without its moments of differences, even modest contention, in matters of policy, either prospective, former, or existing, on the whole, the respondents seemed to be keenly aware of the impressions which they would make upon Palmetto State voters, and behaved accordingly to the gravity of the office to which they each aspired – one to keep it, the other to attain it.

South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison debates incumbent Republican Lindsey Graham in the first of 3 debates for control of that state’s open U.S. Senate seat.

The Moderator, Judi Gatson, WIS-TV News Anchor, successfully maintained control of the forum – with the cooperation of the candidates – and while instances of the participants going overtime were exceedingly rare, they were not interruptive. Whether their microphones were turned off when it was not their time or turn to speak is unknown, but there were a few audible differences in microphone sensitivity after the questioners and moderator finished asking the candidates their questions, and so, it could be the case that the candidates microphones may have been muted when they were not answering. Such a question was brought about by necessity as witnessed in the First Presidential Debate in which President Trump interrupted his opponent and the moderator at least 128 times.

Questions were addressed to the candidates by a wide ranging group, which included the President of the Allen University Student Government Association, and other area professional journalists, as well as the moderator.

The South Carolinians will have two more debates between now and the election – October 12 in Spartanburg, with the third, and final debate October 21 again in Columbia.

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