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Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, October 2, 2020


The “October Surprise” is right on time!

Not to worry… a cup of bleach oughta’ clear it right up!🤣
Or some hydroxychloroquine.🏴‍☠️
Sarcasm purposely intended.

Why does this NOT surprise anyone – not even one iota?

When it comes to the matter of the eventuality of his infection, for quite some time numerous individuals have maintained that “the booms are getting closer,” a colloquialism meaning that sooner, or later, the “booms” will find their target.

It’s disturbing that the ostensible Leader of the Free World would be such a liar and steadfastly refuse to heed the sage advise of health experts to save the nation’s suffering.

Recall that highly regarded Pulitzer prize winning Author/Journalist Bob Woodward conducted a regular series of 18 interviews with the President beginning in December, who revealed to him that he KNEW about the ease of transmissibility and fatality of the coronavirus, and CONTINUED TO LIE about it to America.

Those who deal with death as a regular part of their profession often use “dark humor” as one way to deal with the continual exposure to human suffering.

After a while, compassion fatigue kicks in, and cynicism takes hold, and says in part, “you get what you deserve.”

In some way, religious adherents would call it “divine retribution,” or “just desserts.”

Others would say “what goes around, comes around.”

In each and every instance of those sayings, they express exactly the same thing which is initially expressed in a much more blunt manner – BULLSEYE!

With a mere 4 weeks remaining until the November 3, 2020 General Election, the Trump campaign is EFFECTIVELY OVER.

The only thing remaining, is to take the trash out in November.

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