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Killed… for riding a bicycle.

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Let’s play “PRETEND” for just a moment.

Pretend that you’re riding a bicycle.

Pretend that in the area where you’re riding the bicycle, that regulation, ordinance, or law, requires you to wear a helmet, or have some kind of flashing light, or readily observable denotation that you’re a cyclist, such as maybe a certain color of garment, or reflective vest.

Now, let’s pretend that you’ve not done any of those things – if they’re required.

And, let’s further pretend that you’re riding that bicycle on the street.

So far, you’ve violated some code, law, or ordinance, and if discovered, could be fined.

So, let’s pretend that you are indeed spotted by law enforcement authorities, who then decide to initiate a stop to investigate. That is, they decide to stop you.

Let’s pretend that, for whatever reason, you don’t want to stop, and decide not to stop, even when it’s plainly evident that the LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) want to stop you.

And then, let’s pretend that a chase ensues – that the LEOs are chasing you.

Then, let’s pretend that you suddenly decide to stop riding your bike, and start to run on foot.

Next, we’ll pretend that the LEOs continue to give chase, and catch you.

Then, we’ll pretend that they do catch up to you, and that you drop the clothing you’re holding in your hands, out of which falls a pistol. Pistols aren’t illegal, neither is owning them.

And, let’s pretend that in the fracas, in the struggle, you’re flailing, and inadvertently strike one of the LEOs while you’re struggling to break free, or avoid apprehension.

Finally, let’s pretend that one of them draws their service firearm and shoot you dead.

Just for riding a bicycle.


That’s the essence of what TRULY HAPPENED yesterday (Monday, August 31, 2020) in Los Angeles.

Today, The Los Angeles Times reported the following:

“Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Dean said Monday evening that two deputies from the South Los Angeles station were driving on Budlong Avenue at 3:15 p.m. when they spotted a man riding his bicycle in violation of vehicle codes. Dean said he didn’t know which vehicle codes the man allegedly broke.

“When the deputies attempted to contact the man, he dropped the bicycle and ran north on Budlong for one block with deputies in pursuit, Dean said. In the 1200 block of West 109th Place, deputies again tried to make contact with the man, and he punched one of them in the face, Dean said.

“In doing so, the man dropped a bundle of clothing he had been carrying. The deputies spotted a black handgun in the bundle, Dean said, and both opened fire, killing the man. No deputies were injured.”

At a press conference Monday, LASD Lt. Brandon Dean said in part that,

“Immediately after making contact with our suspect, our suspect was holding some item of clothing in his hands, punched one of the officers in the face, and then dropped the items in his hands. The deputies noticed that inside the clothing items that he dropped was a black semi-automatic handgun, at which time, a deputy-involved shooting occurred.”

Still image from bystander video of Dijon Kizzee running as pursued by LA Sheriff’s deputies Monday, August 31, 2020

Lt. Dean’s use of the plural possessive case, rather than the third person – “our suspect,” instead of “the suspect” – describing the decedent is interesting.

So is his claim that the officer was struck in the face WHILE the decedent was holding the clothes, and THEN dropped the contents of his arms. Must’ve really been a serious assault to have an armful of clothes thrown in your face.

Killed by cops for riding a bicycle.

To my way of thinking, that’s kind of extreme.

How bad a deed must that man’s infraction have been to require that he pay with his life?


How bad?

For the answer to that question, let’s refer to the LEO who detailed the event:

“They spotted a man riding his bicycle in violation of vehicle codes.”

Again, that’s pretty f*ing serious.

Deadly, even.

Oh yeah… I forgot to mention.

The dead man is Black.

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