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Is America Liberal?

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, August 30, 2020

Some political voices decry “liberality” in American laws as if it were something evil.

However, consider the following three recent TRUE events.

In a certain town, along a well-traveled route;

• A sober, 20-year old man was cited with a reckless driving for speeding 86mph in a 50mph zone.

• Another sober 46-year old man was similarly charged with reckless driving for speeding 92mph in the same 50mph zone at 3:15 in the afternoon.

• A third sober 19-year old man on the same route, was also arrested and charged with reckless driving for speeding 92 in a 50mph zone at 10:30PM.

The interstate-quality, limited-access roadway was not under construction, it was not in a safety zone, and was not near a school, or factory.

A reckless driving charge is automatic when traveling 31mph over the posted speed limit. All three men had their cars impounded, and towed, had their driving privileges suspended for a week, were fined $2,422.50, with six points each assessed to their individual driving records.

Is that excessive?

Is it stern?

Where was it?

Highway 111 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In America, they’d be slapped on the wrist, and told “don’t do that anymore,” allowed to go to “traffic school” to have charges dropped and no points assessed, and released.

Links to the August 28, 2020 news items appear in the listings.

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