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Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall Is Callous To Suicide

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Thursday, August 20, 2020

“Ambushed” is how Alabama’s GOP Attorney General Steve Marshall characterized the Department of Justice’s findings of the State of Alabama’s Department of Corrections unconstitutionally inhumane treatment of prisoners.

That came from the weakling former District Attorney whom corrupt GOP former Governor Bentley appointed February 2017 to avoid prosecution.

But perhaps Marshall is correct – that he was ambushed – and for that reason is so utterly inept and incompetent that he literally has no clue about how to be an Attorney General and fight FOR the people and AGAINST corruption.

However, I sincerely doubt it, given the facts.

It’s mind-boggling that in November 2018 the people elected a man appointed by a corrupt governor.

So, yes… I can believe that the clueless AG Marshall was “ambushed,” because he was too busy goofing off wasting taxpayer money.

What major cases has he solved for The People?


What interests of theirs has he protected?


Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall and now-late wife Bridgette at their Albertville, AL home.

He’s certainly done nothing for “the widow, the orphan, and stranger among you.

And he’s done nothing even for the mentally ill, who, like his late wife, committed suicide.

Prisoner suicide is why U.S. Judge Myron Thompson wrote a scathing 210 page order in May 4, 2019 (last year), following his June 2017 ruling finding “horrendously inadequate” care, and “serious systemic deficiencies” for inmates with psychiatric problems.

But Marshall pulled a stunt reminiscent of George Wallace’s infamously racist “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door” June 11, 1963, by writing that “the State will not, under any circumstances, enter into a consent decree with the federal government to avoid a lawsuit. In short, a consent decree is unacceptable and nonnegotiable. The State of Alabama shall retain her sovereignty.

Yes, Alabama’s state motto is “we dare defend our rights,” just not those of others.

Not even for the memory of his late wife.

Marshall might as well say to AL Prisoners & U.S. Government:

“So sue me… and let the taxpayers pick up the tab.”

2 Responses to “Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall Is Callous To Suicide”

  1. Travis Morton said

    That didn’t bother you when Hillary Clinton was picked by one of the most corrupt president Obama and he also chose John Kerry and his attorneys General Eric (gunrunner) Holder. There is so much corruption and lies being told by the democrats that it would blow your mind if they were to be prosecuted.


  2. Warm Southern Breeze said

    Perhaps I missed the pertinence of this comment to the post above. Care to clarify?


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