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Things Don’t Look Good For Alabama State Representative Will Dismukes

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Friday, August 7, 2020

Be very wary of an attorney who says these type things about his client:

“Will is young and is learning some hard lessons. But he’s a very convicted man. He’s very convicted in his faith and he’s very convicted in his character. He’s very convicted in his heritage. And Will’s not a person who’s going to shy away from the tough questions to satisfy folks. And that upsets a lot of people. And I understand that. Especially in these times.

“But Will’s not going to admit to something he didn’t do. And he’s not going to step down from a position that he was elected to that he’s trying to do a good job at just because someone has pointed the finger and tried to make him out to be a bad guy. He’s a fighter. I’d be surprised if he resigns.”

Learning hard lessons…

Convicted – 4 times!…

Heritage – especially if you’re aligned with a White Supremacist group…


When your own attorney uses those words in response to the charges, you gotta’ KNOW that it prolly won’t go well.

So already, things don’t look good for Will Dismukes.

A since-deleted Facebook social media post by Will Dismukes, a White Republican member of the Alabama State House of Representatives, State House District 88, who was at the time, also a Baptist pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Prattville. Dismukes resigned after 3 days of outcry following discovery of this since-deleted social media post. “Fort Dixie” is the Selma, Alabama, home of Patricia Godwin, a woman with deep ties to the neo-Confederate cause and organized hate.

You should be concerned particularly, and especially if you’re a Baptist pastor ¹ ², a racist member of a society that praises the founder of the KKK, and if you’re accused of theft from an employer.

That’s the position young Mr. Will Dismukes, a Republican Member on the Alabama State House of Representatives for the 88th State House District. Alabama’s GOP Chair Terry Lathan – a White woman – ostensibly slapped the wrist of the reporting organizations that reported on Dismukes’ attendance in an official capacity as a minister of the Christian Gospel at a July 25th memorial event commemorating the birthday of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate Cavalry General and first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Dismukes gave the invocation at the July 25th party at “Fort Dixie” in Selma – the home of Patricia Godwin, a woman with deep ties to the neo-Confederate cause and organized hate groups. The event coincided with ceremonies honoring the late U.S. Rep. John Lewis, an Alabama native and longtime Georgia congressman who was a leader in the Civil Rights movement, and was badly beaten at the “Bloody Sunday” march in Selma in 1965.

Terry Lathan slapped not Will Dismukes’ wrist, but instead, slapped the wrist of those who reported on Dismukes’ attendance by feigning to shame him for his longtime and misguided participation in the racist organization Sons of the Confederate Veterans.  I had earlier written about the matter of her blatant hypocrisy demonstrated by and through her actions.

In her scorn of reporting organizations, Alabama’s GOP Chair Terry Lathan had obliquely identified a “straw man” of a group that, in her words, was founded to “honor one’s heritage” – that group being the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, Alabama Chapter honoring Nathan Bedford Forrest – while conveniently ignoring that the State of Alabama STILL celebrates two OFFICIAL holidays honoring Robert E. Lee, and Andrew and Jefferson Davis, Confederate Army General and President of the Confederacy, respectively, by issuing the following writ from the safety of her ivory tower:

“It is one thing to honor one’s Southern heritage; however, it is completely another issue to specifically commemorate the leader of an organization with an indisputable history of unconscionable actions and atrocities toward African-Americans.”

Reiterating… what does it say when she completely ignores the proverbial “elephant in the room,” that being continuation of the state-recognized celebration of slavery, and instead, focuses upon a merely picayune matter which is Will Dismukes’ longtime membership and regular attendance at a racist celebration?

But, back to poor ol’ Will Dismukes.

Young Massah Dismukes, who’s aged 30, stands accused of theft from an employer, for which he was most recently arrested. ³

Public reports indicate that, after a May 20 complaint from the owners of Weiss Flooring alleging theft of a large sum of money by an employee betwen 2016 and 2018, Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey filed charges of Theft of Property in the 1st degree against Dismukes. The charge of first degree theft of property is a Class B felony.

The charge alleges that the theft in excess of $2,500 occurred at Weiss Commercial Flooring Inc., where Dismukes had worked before he started his own flooring company.

Alabama Daily News had one week earlier reported that the Alabama Ethics Commission did not have Dismukes’ legally-mandated Annual Statement of Economic Interests from him three months past the deadline.

In response to ADN’s questions Dismukes told them he had filed it. Later it was discovered that a copy which was timestamped ton he day after ADN contacted him, had become available in the state’s ethics online database.

State law requires Members of the Legislature, including most other elected officials and public employees at State and Local levels, to submit the reports annually, and are due April 30.

On Dismukes’ 2017 Statement of Economic Interests stated he was an Estimator/Project Manager for Weiss Commercial Flooring. His 2018 statement also lists the same company as an employer. In 2019, he started his own company, Custom Floor Covering, in Elmore.

Dismukes turned himself in at the Montgomery County Jail, accompanied by his attorney Trey Norman.

The jail inmate log showed Dismukes was arrested for first-degree theft, and was released on a $5,000 bond. The crime of Theft in the First Degree involves theft of items valued over $2500.


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