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How BAD is Trump’s Economy?

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Sunday, August 2, 2020

Trump’s economy is so bad, that…

Before we talk about how BAD it is, first…

Let’s turn to some official agencies to answer that question.

We’ll start with information from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the St. Louis Federal Reserve’s Economic Data.

Here’s a picture – it’s said that they’re worth 1000 words.

The DARK GRAY is Trump’s term in office, while the white line reflects the Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP – “real” means adjusted for inflation year-to-year) – which has consistently increased since Obama’s first quarter in his first term in office.

The MEDIUM GRAY (and DARK GRAY) areas represent the extent of Trump’s Economic Losses.

The LIGHT GRAY (at G.W. Bush’s end of term in office -and- presently) are representative of Economic Recessions.

So now that you’ve had an opportunity to examine the chart, let’s talk about the picture.

ALL the gains made during the last 3.5 years of the Trump administration AND ALL the gains made in the last TWO years of the Obama administration – beginning with the 1st Quarter 2015 – have been lost.

That’s 5 years (20 + 1 quarters) of economic gains LOST.


Zero, zilch, nada.


5ive years.

Let’s look at it another way.

You went to a casino, and for whatever reason, let Trump manage your money. (“Manage” means let Trump use your money and play… gamble.)

Not only did he LOSE EVERYTHING, he went into debt… and YOU are on the hook for the TOTAL amount – the ENTIRE amount you have him, AND the amount he rang up in debt (which totals EVERYTHING you made from 5 years ago).

The ENTIRE balance you gave him, and then some, is now ALL GONE.


Wiped out.

Kinda’ like his casino bankruptcies.

How inept and/or corrupt must one be in order to have a casino that FAILS?!?

The House ALWAYS has the advantage.

So WHY did his casinos FAIL?!?

It’s all wiped out, everything gone, and somebody else (not him) is left holding the bag, while he walks away unscathed, unharmed, with everything he had to begin with… and a big smile on his face because he took YOU for a ride.

And you let him.



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