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3 Responses to “Trump: “Disinfectant Injection Inside Does A Tremendous Number On the Lungs.””

  1. jvlivs said

    If I were a native of the UK, “BLOODY HELL” would be the FIRST THING you’d hear outta this mouth!
    I’m done here, man!

    This is what ‘Murica wanted, now they got it. Bloody deal with it!


    • Warm Southern Breeze said

      When I shared with a long-time colleague friend my negative criticism of the Moron in Chief, she replied with what I thought was a most excellent explanation of his comments – though I expressed my wholesale dissatisfaction with him in practically every way, not just his poor choice of words, followed by a denial, and assertion he was being “sarcastic.” Yeah… right. Humor in/at an event which has sickened and killed so many, and brought our nation to its knees is unquestionably deleterious, injurious, and unsound to the welfare of our nation’s most vulnerable, partcularly.

      But more to the point, she wrote that,

      “He was basically brain storming for an idea to help the lungs. He stated that the disinfectant kills the virus in one minute, so he proposed the question “can we inject disinfectant” (not Lysol); he used the word “disinfectant” …in the lungs, “but that is for the doctors to figure out.”

      “Now a lay person like Trump will say ‘disinfectant’ and a medical person would say ‘medicine.’ Medicine dumped into the lungs happens all the time! I personally have dumped respiratory medicine down an endotracheal tube directly into the lungs. When babies are born prematurely, guess what? Yes we ‘inject’ the lungs with a medicine called surfactant that helps keep the alveoli open to oxygenate the lungs. Antibiotics are sometimes injected into infected parts of lungs through a chest tube. So yes we do ‘inject’ medicine into peoples lungs, that, yes, act like a ‘disinfectant’ (antibiotics). So why is everyone in uproar over this?

      “His statement was so twisted around and misinterpreted. Lysol brand has perpetrated misinformation and panicked the general public who doesn’t know anything about lungs. And Trump never used the word ‘Lysol.’ So why did Lysol brand think he was talking about them? That’s narcissistic on their part. Why would Lysol brand embrace that? They look ignorant.

      “So people, yes, we do inject medicine into the lungs! This is why people need to know the facts and the media needs to stop panicking people.

      Again, coming from a health professional perspective, I thought she did an excellent job, and replied that,

      “While the way in which you’ve expressed that idea is a MOST EXCELLENT, even BRILLIANT way of explaining, or even justifying, what he said, I would significantly temper what he said (and to some extent, your defense of him), with this:

      “His primary problem, in almost every area, is narcissistic personality, which selfishly seeks to “hog the spotlight.”

      “When combined with his bullying of others (a distinctive hallmark of narcissism), blatant lies, wholesale fabrications, “gas-lighting,” bull-in-the-china shop approach, and numerous other personality traits and character faults – ALL which are demonstrated pathological behaviors of a VERY deep-seated personality disorder – there is more in the deficit range than in the credit range.

      “In other words, he is a distinctly, and clearly unbalanced (to the negative) person.

      “As evidence of his narcissism and need to “hog the spotlight,” I present this from a news item from The Hill dot com published today:

      “Public health officials have largely been relegated to the sidelines of the briefings, with Trump typically speaking and fielding questions for close to an hour and others speaking for a fraction of the time.”

      I found her response to my observation quite interesting.

      She wrote that,

      “I don’t necessarily like president Trump’s Deliverance [sic] but I’ve watched live absolutely everything I could. And I believe he is a bull in a china shop, and I believe he has our Country’s best interest at heart. So take care my friend… we are all in this earth to be better people and help humankind… if we aren’t perfect then Gods still giving Us a chance.”

      The reason I shared that with you, Bob, is to brag on a friend, who made an excellent argument, one which I perceived to be an apology of sorts, of him. (Apology in the sense that one makes/gives a defense of something, or some point.)

      And please allow me to be explicitly clear, in conversation today with another friend, I made the same type case that his narcissistic personality disorder, and other malignant behaviors associated therewith, are significantly demonstrative of a deeply-seated pathology, under which We The People, and others exposed to that maliciously irremediable behavior, significantly suffer.

      I make another analogy to illustrate his utter ineptitude and comprehensive governmental incompetence this way:
      No one would even imagine placing you, or me, into the position of CEO or Chairman of the Board of any large corporation, such as Amazon, Google, Apple, or any other well-known megalithic American enterprise precisely for the reason that we have no experience whatsoever in the role. It’s the same way with that man. He LITERALLY had NO experience as an elected or governing official, nor any experience whatsoever in any office of public trust – not even as dog catcher – nor any appointed public service of any kind. So why would anyone suppose he would do anything other than a phenomenally and miserably poor job?

      I contend that his term of office and relationship with Republicans is much like a lyric in the well-known Bob Seger song “Night Moves,” which states in part, “I used her, she used me. Neither one cared.”

      In one sense – yet only in the early phase of such a disease – one could pity such an individual. But when those pathologies exact inevitable injury, one must draw the line. To do anything else exemplifies a “co-dependent” relationship, in which both parties are sick, not just the protagonist. I refer to the classic examples of an alcoholic spouse and the partner, or to an abusive spouse, and the abused partner who stays in the relationship.

      I would have supported the candidacy of 2-term Ohio Governor John Kasich as a sane man, and well-beloved governor who won even the hearts of Democrats. But the party’s pathology – or rather, the people’s pathology – gave us this swamp monster. And to be fair, Hillary was little better – though I saw the choice as 1.) The devil you know, versus 2.) The devil you don’t know. And as we found out later, there was a corrupt (unethical, though not illegal) deal cut by HRC with the party for control of it, which assured her of the nomination.

      And now, I perceive that the party has again made another phenomenally poor choice for the presumptive nominee.

      There are myriad changes much needed in our nation, and this horrific human tragedy of disease will be the catalyst which brings it all about, for every period in human history where advances were made, was preceded by tumult and upheaval.

      Stay tuned.

      AND VOTE!!!


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