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America: Very nearly 105,000 COVID-19 cases… and INCREASING

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, March 28, 2020

Yesterday (Friday, 27 March 2020), at 7:20 AM CST DST, there were 85,991 Confirmed COVID-19 cases in the good ol’ USA.

That’s an INCREASE of 21.9162%.

If that pattern continues to hold, we could expect to see at least 127,902 cases by Sunday, 29 March 2020.

In stark contrast to China, or even Italy, the United States today has 21.7871% MORE cases than does China, which yesterday, had 81,894 confirmed cases. Today, China’s 81,996 morning figure is a mere 0.1245% increase.

Some experts attending the Hospital Association of America have predicted that America could see 96,000,000 US coronavirus cases and 480,000 deaths. Dr. James Lawler, a professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center Department of Internal Medicine, estimated that the United States could have 96 million cases, of which 4.8 million could result in hospital admissions.

His calculations aren’t alone.

Marc Lipsitch, an Epidemiology professor at Harvard University, told The Atlantic on February 24, 2020 that he predicted anywhere from 40 to 70% of people globally would be infected with COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, within the next year.

The presentation given to AHA members was entitled “What healthcare leaders need to know: Preparing for the COVID-19,” and occured February 26 with representatives from the National Ebola Training and Education Center.

Again, they estimated:

  • 4.8 million hospitalizations associated with the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.
  • 96 million cases overall in the US.
  • 480,000 deaths.
  • Overall, a slide from the presentation stated that hospitals should prepare for an impact to the system that’s 10 times greater than a severe flu season.

The “takeaway”?

Settle in, buckle up, and hold on.


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