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Toilet paper in short supply? Thank a Republican.

Posted by Warm Southern Breeze on Saturday, March 21, 2020

I did some research into the origins of such a thing as the “Toilet Paper Shortage,” and found it originated with a Republican, and Johnny Carson, the long-standing “Late Night” host on NBC, who, in December 1973 on The Tonight Show, made a joke that toilet paper was going to be in short supply.

His joke was based upon a little-known November 16th, 1973 press release by a Republican Representative from Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District – whose constituents complained to his office about reduced quantities of pulp wood, which is processed into paper products – which was entitled “The Government Printing Office is facing a serious shortage of paper.”

He then discovered that the U.S. Government’s National Buying Center had not received enough bids to purchase toilet paper for troops and government officials. So, on December 11, Rep. Harold V. Froelich issued another more serious-sounding press release, which read in part as follows:

“The U.S. may face a serious shortage of toilet paper within a few months… we hope we don’t have to ration toilet tissue… a toilet paper shortage is no laughing matter. It is a problem that will potentially touch every American.”

On December 19, 1973, Tonight Show host Johnny Carson picked it up, and based upon it, made a joke on The Tonight Show, and said in part to his to 20 million viewers, “You know, we’ve got all sorts of shortages these days. But have you heard the latest? I’m not kidding. I saw it in the papers. There’s a shortage of toilet paper!” (See excerpted monologue above.)

THE VERY NEXT DAY, 10’s of 1000’s of stores across America were inundated with panic purchasers who LITERALLY emptied the shelves of ALL toilet paper supplies, including anything and everything remotely resembling toilet paper.

News agencies even went to the Scott Paper Co. HQ in Wisconsin to interview executives who said that they produced over 7500 miles of toilet paper product daily -AND- that there was NO SHORTAGE of toilet paper.

The people didn’t listen.

Thus, a Wisconsin Republican Congressman, and Johnny Carson, gave America runs on toilet paper which continues to this day.

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